News: Anthony Giacoppo beats Renshaw to Aussie Crit title

West Australian motor mechanic Anthony Giacoppo beats Cav’s former leadout man Mark Renshaw to win Aussie Crit title.  ahead of seasoned professional Mark Renshaw (Rabobank) and Garmin-Chipotle’s new recruit, Steel von Hoff.

The result is a career best for Giacoppo who on Tuesday won a stage of the Jayco Bay Cycling Classics. “It’s a great way to start the weekend and a great way to start the season, so hopefully we can just build from here and keep going,” said Giacoppo. “I got second last year, so we’ve always had it in our heads that this is the one race where you can go quite well.

He timed his run for the line to perfection choosing to follow the wheel of Renshaw, one of the world’s fastest lead out men, into the final corner. “I just went straight off Renshaw’s wheel and never looked back.”

Despite missing the win Renshaw, riding his first race for the season and in the colours of his new professional team, was happy with the hit out. “I felt good, it’s my first race (and) if feels like my heartrate is 180,” said Renshaw. “I said earlier I would be happy to podium and I’ve done that, so I’m where I need to be.

“I just missed the jump and that’s a bit of a mistake, but it happens in the first race back.” Fourth placed Bernie Sulzberger who races for Raleigh in 2012, said afterwards “I tried a few times to get in the winning break and had a good hit out. Two days easy now. Big day Sunday for the badger …” Bernie is looking to get a result in the Aussie RR Champs to get a ride in the Tour Down Under.

Endura Racing’s Dean Windsor was 8th and Zak Dempster 10th. Dempster said afterwards, “I was away in the final with Shawry and another guy that obviously wasn’t interested in winning the bike race – ran 10th in the kick.”
Other riders racing for British teams included Raleigh’s Bernie Sulzberger who was 4th and obviously very dissapointed missing the medal, Node4’s Rico Rogers was 9th, Richard Lang (Rapha Condor Sharp) was 14th, Blair Windsor of Cycle Premier was 34th.  Richard Lang said of his race “I enjoyed the cooler weather tonight in a really hard crit. The legs are slowly coming along.”

  1. Anthony GIACOPPO (WA)
  2. Mark RENSHAW (NSW)
  3. Steele VON HOFF (VIC)
  4. Bernard SULZBERGER (TAS) Ral;eigh
  5. Malcolm RUDOLPH (QLD)
  6. Baden COOKE (VIC)
  7. Shannon JOHNSON (VIC)
  8. Dean WINDSOR (NSW) Endura Racing
  9. Rico ROGERS (VIC) Team Node 4 – Giordana
  10. Zakkari DEMPSTER (VIC) Endura Racing
  11. Sam WITMITZ
  12. Jonathan CANTWELL (QLD)
  13. Neil VAN DER PLOEG (VIC)
  14. Richard LANG (NSW) Rapha Condor Sharp
  15. Paul VAN DER PLOEG (VIC)
  16. Fabio CALABRIA (ACT)
  17. Dale SCARFE (NSW)
  18. James MCDULLING (NSW)
  19. Nicholas MITCHELL (VIC)
  20. Michael CURRAN (NSW)
  21. James HEPBURN (QLD)
  22. Jason SPENCE
  23. Marc WILLIAMS (ACT)
  24. Michael TROY (NSW)
  25. Darren LAPTHORNE (VIC)
  26. Alexander SMYTH (VIC)
  27. Patrick SHAW (VIC)
  28. Nash KENT (NSW)
  29. Jonathan LOVELOCK (VIC)
  30. Nicholas SANDERSON (VIC)
  31. Joel PEARSON (VIC)
  33. Robbie MCEWEN (QLD)
  34. Blair WINDSOR (NSW) Cycle Premier
  35. William CLARKE (TAS)
  36. Sean FINNING (VIC)
  37. Tom DONALD (VIC)
  38. Damien TURNER (VIC)
  39. Phillip GRENFELL (NSW)
  40. Shaun MCCARTHY (VIC)
  41. David PELL (VIC)
  42. Jacob KAUFFMANN (NSW)
  43. Michael CUPIT
  44. Kris JOHNSTON (ACT)
  45. Adam SEMPLE (WA)
  46. Rhys POLLOCK (NSW)


Win for AN Post -Dolan’s Scott Law in Under 23 title race

In the under 23 men’s event Wollongong’s Scott Law (NSW) won a bunch sprint for the title edging out Jayco-AIS rider Jay McCarthy (QLD) with 2011 champion Bern Grenda (TAS) third across the line. Law will be riding a British designed Dolan bike in 2012 as he races for An Post in Europe.

Jay McCarthy’s team mate Aaron Donnelly had been clear with two laps to go but the peloton swooped to set up a bunch gallop to the finish line.

“I wasn’t too sure how it would go towards the end there Aaron (Donnelly) is a very strong guy from the AIS team who I am usually training with down at home but I stuck to the big boys and favourites like Ben (Grenda) and Tom Palmer and kept myself up there,” said Law. “I knew I had to be second or third wheel going into those two last corners for the last few laps and I got myself into perfect position and went from there.

“The title has been one of my big objectives especially with my track background and the speed work and I’ve been training quite hard for it,” said Law. “I definitely had high hopes but never thought I’d be up there holding the green and gold.”

1.    Scott LAW (NSW)
2.    Jay MCCARTHY (QLD)
3.    Ben GRENDA (TAS) Rapha Condor Sharp
4.    Benjamin HILL (NSW)
5.    Jackson LAW (NSW)
6.    Aaron DONNELLY (NSW)
7.    Damien HOWSON (SA)
8.    Jordan KERBY (QLD)
9.    Brenton JONES (VIC)
10.    Mitchell CODNER (NSW)
11.    George TANSLEY (SA) Cycle Premier
12.    Ryan MACANALLY (QLD)
13.    Luke DAVISON (NSW)
14.    James MOWATT (VIC)
15.    Pat DRAPAC (VIC)
16.    Joshua PRETE (QLD)
17.    Angus TOBIN (NSW)
18.    Sam CROME (VIC)
19.    Blake HOSE (VIC)
20.    James RENDALL (NSW)
21.    Alex CLEMENTS (TAS)
22.    Jack BECKINSALE (NSW)
23.    Lachlan MORTON (NSW)
24.    Stuart MULHERN (QLD)
25.    Trenton DAY (NSW)
26.    Samuel SPOKES (NSW)
27.    Josh TAYLOR (NSW)
28.    Cameron BAYLY (SA)
29.    Mitchell LOVELOCK-FAY (ACT)
30.    Thomas PALMER (ACT)
31.    Darcy WOOLLEY (VIC)
32.    Liam DOVE (VIC)
33.    Scott MCPHEE (SA)
34.    Alex WONG (NSW)
35.    Harry CARPENTER (SA)
36.    James BOAL (VIC)
37.    Joel STEARNES (TAS)
38.    Stephen HALL (WA)
39.    Cameron IVORY (NSW)
40.    Alex CARVER (NSW)
41.    David EDWARDS (QLD)
42.    Campbell FLAKEMORE (TAS)
43.    Jack MATTHEWS (TAS)
44.    Samuel DAVIS (WA)
45.    Alastair LOUTIT (NSW)
46.    Julian HAMILL (NSW)
47.    Jared TRIGGS (NSW)
48.    Peter LOFT (TAS)
49.    Brian MCLEOD (QLD)

Rhodes launches 2012 season with a win
South Australian Alexis Rhodes has claimed her fifth national title with victory in the elite women’s criterium on the opening day of the 2012 Mars Cycling Australia Road National Championships. West Australian Anthony Giacoppo won the elite men’s title while the under 23 crowns went to Scott Law and Melissa Hoskins respectively.

Rhodes added a fourth criterium title to her wins in 2004, 2006 and 2007 after breaking clear of the bunch with 12 laps remaining in the 30 lap (33km) event raced in windy, cool conditions on the Sturt Street circuit of Ballarat’s CBD.

She finished seven seconds clear of GreenEDGE-AIS teammate Melissa Hoskins, who led home the bunch for silver with South Australia’s Netti Edmondson third. Hoskins claimed the under 23 gold medal as the first young rider across the line with Edmondson second and Lauren Kitchen third in the under 23 division.

“One hour criteriums are a little different to a three-hour road race but I’ve been training really hard the last couple of months and I’ve got a really good team,” said Rhodes who will race on Saturday in defence of her 2011 road race crown and recently signed a contract with the GreenEDGE-AIS professional women’s team.

“if I don’t win on Saturday, I really hope one of my team-mates do,” Rhodes said. “Hopefully we can really dictate the race like we did tonight, but there are probably other people who have a lot of other ideas as well.”

Rhodes has come back to racing after a six month break during which she underwent surgery to repair a blockage of the iliac artery that supplies blood flow to her legs.

“I had a lot of scar tissue there, so they had to open my stomach up, clean my artery out and make a little graft and sew it back together again,” said Rhodes whose surgeon was the same man who operated on fellow cyclist Stuart O’Grady for the same complaint.

Rhodes says her major goal for 2012 is to earn Olympic selection which would be a phenomenal achievement for the 27 year old who, in 2005, sustained severe injuries, including seven broken bones in her back and chest trauma in the road accident that claimed the life of her friend and Australian team mate Amy Gillett.

1.    Alexis RHODES (SA)
2.    Melissa HOSKINS (WA)
3.    Annette EDMONDSON (SA)
4.    Belinda GOSS (VIC)
5.    Peta MULLENS (VIC)
6.    Lauren KITCHEN (NSW)
7.    Kirsty BROUN (QLD)
8.    Gracie ELVIN (ACT)
9.    Rebecca WERNER (SA)
10.    Joanne HOGAN (VIC)
11.    Isabella KING (WA)
12.    Grace SULZBERGER (TAS)
13.    Nicole MOERIG (QLD)
14.    Jessie MACLEAN (ACT)
15.    Rebecca WIASAK (ACT)
16.    Stephanie IVES (VIC)
17.    Jessica ALLEN (WA)
18.    Melina BERNECKER (VIC)
19.    Tiffany CROMWELL (SA)
20.    Amy BRADLEY (VIC)
21.    Sinead NOONAN (SA)
22.    Chloe MCCONVILLE (VIC)
23.    Rowena FRY (TAS)
24.    Chloe HOSKING (ACT)

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