Team News: Squadra Donne Women’s Team Presentation


Long running Women’s team, Squadra Donne sponsored by Shutt VR clothing, was presented to the public for the first time at Prodrive in Banbury today (Saturday)

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Jon Miles, probably the hardest working person for women’s cycling in Britain, has long been organising not just women’s races like the classic, the Bedford Two Day (3 day in 2013), but also women’s teams going back 25 years or more to when there was the WCRA.


Squadra Donne has been part of the British scene for about five years and with Shutt VR clothing as a major sponsor for most of that time. “I can’t emphasis enough how grateful we are to ShuttVR for supporting the team, they’ve been magnificent” says Jon.

Talking about the team Jon explained that a new signing Paige Milward is a youth rider who Paige is training with the Talent Team and says she’s a star of the future.


Paige gets to sit in a GT Racing Car called ‘Harold’ at Prodrive

Another of the team’s young riders is Saskia Hook and after doing very well with her A levels, the team are expecting the Derbyshire rider to make a name for herself in women’s cycling. “The team is about the future” says Jon. It’s not necessarily about now and this season but the future. It’s about being part of a team as well.”

“You can race on your own quite successfully but it is lonely. Being part of the same team week after week, doing the same races, it has to help a rider improve and enjoy the racing more.”

Asked about goals for the team, Jon says “the team series is the most important racing for us because it reinforces the ethos of being in a team.”


Saskia Hook outside in the cold wearing some warm clothing from ShuttVR

The team though will be racing a lot of other event outside of the Women’s Team Series including other British events (Jo Bruton Series) as well as overseas. They have for example had an offer for a race in Austria (July) which they are considering carefully as well as the racing they already know in Malta and in Ireland.

Talking about other sponsors of the team, Jon pointed out they are C-Original helmets, Bikefood as well Cello bikes from Korea.

Ultimately Jon says, Squadra Donne Shutt VR racing team is about helping the riders enjoy the sport of cycling and if they get results along the way, that will always be a bonus and something they are working towards getting. Good luck to the girls in 2013!


Squadra Donne Shutt Velo Rapide Bikefood Riders

Saskia Hook
Tracy Dresch
Sian Botteley
Paige Millward
Jenni Lake
Louise Clowes
Gail Aspden


Jenni showing off the new Performance Jacket from ShuttVelo Rapide for cyclists


Jenni also the job of modelling the team’s helmet from C-Originals

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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