British Classics: Havant Grand Prix

Held in Hampshire, this was a tough race to win and among the winners since 1998 are Chris Walker, Russell Downing and John Tanner …

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The Havant Grand Prix started life in the early 1980s as a 3rds/Junior race called the’ Les Hennings Memorial’ in remembrance of a former rider. In 1990, it became the Butler Cycles Grand Prix and formed part of the national Peter Buckley National Trophy series, retaining this status for several years and being run as the National Junior championship in 1993 and 1994 and as the National Under 23 championship in 1996.

It was in 1996 that Butler Cycles was replaced as principal sponsor by Havant Borough Council, which also led to a change of name to the Havant Grand Prix in 1997 when the race became part of the Premier Calendar series. It became a UCI event in 2000 and was renamed the Havant International GP from then until its demise following the 2005 edition.

Butler Cycles Junior Grand Prix
1990: Lee Burns
1991: Stuart Blunt
1992: Richard Bruce
1993: James Taylor
1994: Huw Pritchard
1995: Gavin Sellen

Under 23 Championship
1996: Paul Manning

Havant Grand Prix
1997: Mark McKay

1998 Chris Walker Matthew Stephens Mark Walsham
1999 Russell Downing Wayne Randle Danny Axford
2000 Mark Lovatt John Tanner Robert Hurd
2001 John Tanner ? Mark Lovatt
2002 John Tanner Mark Lovatt Robert Hurd
2003 Malcolm Elliott Mark Lovatt Matthew Stephens
2004 Russell Downing Dean Downing Robin Sharman
2005 Russell Downing Yanto Barker Chris Newton

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