Report: NCRA Spring Handicaps Race 6

From Dave Birch, The final race of the Northants Cycle Racing Association Spring Handicap, on Saturday April 9th, was contested over three laps of the 10 mile Middleton circuit.

This week the Scratch group were just short of catching the middle and long markers and the race was decided in a bunch sprint finish where Joe Clarke of Fenland Clarion crossed the line first in 1.21.03, with Jack Peterson of Numplumz Mountain Bikers taking second place and Sam Crabtree of Welland Valley CC third.

Next came John Hardwick of Kettering CC, Andrew Veasey of Rockingham Forest Wheelers, Ross Headley of Welland Valley CC, Paul Crane of Rockingham Forest Wheelers, Hugh Boyle of Rockingham Forest Wheelers, Robert Swannack of 45 Road Club with David Robinson of Kettering CC completing the first ten.

The overall winner over the six race series was Dave Palmer of Renault Rotor Colbert RT, with Matt Garfield of Fenland Clarion second, and David Langlands of Fenland Clarion CC third. The winning team of three riders was Fenland Clarion.The first female rider was Lindsay Clarke of Fenland Clarion and the first junior was Tom Kruger of 45 Road Club.

1. Joe Clarke, Fenland Clarion 1.21.03
2. Jack Peterson of Numplumz Mountain Bikers
3. Sam Crabtree, Welland Valley CC third.
4. John Hardwick,  Kettering CC,
5. Andrew Veasey, Rockingham Forest Wheelers,
6. Ross Headley, Welland Valley CC,
7. Paul Crane, Rockingham Forest Wheelers,
8. Hugh Boyle, Rockingham Forest Wheelers,
9. Robert Swannack, 45 Road Club
10. David Robinson, Kettering CC

1. Dave Palmer of Renault Rotor Colbert RT
2. Matt Garfield  Fenland Clarion
3. Joe Clarke of Fenland Clarion CC
4. David Langlands  Fenland Clarion CC

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