Report: Bristol Junior Tour

Junior Peter Buckley Trophy  (National Series):  Rupert Denny (Team Nemesis GB) has won the second stage of the Junior National Series race and in doing so, won the second round of the series overall.

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Stage 2

Rupert Denny (Team Nemesis GB) has won the second stage of the Junior National Series race near Bristol. Getting away on the climb before the finish, Denny continued to gain time on the false flat that followed with Denny won from Matt Holmes with Alex Peters winning the sprint for third.

In bright sunshine, the race started quickly but there was bad luck for Luke Grivell-Mellor (Mid Shropshire Wheelers) who was in third overall. On one of the early climbs, he had to chase back after breaking a chain early on. A break meanwhile had 52 seconds on a  chasing group of three riders with the peloton 1.35 back when the main group went off course  and the break had to be stopped while the peloton were redirected back in the right direction. The break were then set off with their lead intact but they only lasted a lap out front before a peloton in an agressive mood caught them back.

Due to an electric problem in a village where traffic lights had to be installed while repairs were made, the race course was changed and the riders sent to the finishing circuit which actually made the route more difficult and soon the field was in pieces with the constant attacking. Nothing stuck however until around 4 miles out from the finish, Denny made his move and the others still in contention looked at each other. The Nemesis GB rider didn’t hang about for them to make their minds up behind and he put the hammer down all the way to the line where he won by 40 seconds from Matt Holmes.

His lead at the finish was enough to give Denny the victory overall from Carpenter and Luke Grivell-Mellor.

Our thanks to Dave Mellor of Dave Mellor Cycles (Dave Mellor Cycles of Shrewsbury) and his son Luke (3rd overall) for their help in getting this report to you. Anyone with other information on the race, can email VeloUK by clicking here.

Stage 2
1. Rupert Denny, Team Nemesis GB/Principia/Xpedo/Catlike/Ursus/Shop UK
2. Matthew Holmes, Team Wallis Cycles/CHH/Telent/Scott/Powerbar/Continental @ 40 secs
3. Alex Peters, Cycling Club Hackney/Learning Trust @53 seconds
4. Alistair Slater, Hargroves Cycles-Trant-Next-Specialised-GSI
5. Grant Ferguson, Team Scotland
6. Dante Carpenter, Asfra racing team/Flanders Bikes
7. Luke Grivell-Mellor, Mid Shropshire Wheelers @1 min 2
8. Taylor Johnstone, Team Scotland
9. Brennan Townshend, Mid Devon CC / Colin Lewis Cycles
10.James Baillie, Sheffield Sports

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Overall (provisional)
1. Rupert Denny, Team Nemesis GB/Principia/Xpedo/Catlike/Ursus/Shop UK     51.15.25
2. Dante Carpenter, Asfra racing team/Flanders Bikes @28
3. Luke Grivell-Mellor, Mid Shropshire Wheelers  @32
4. Alex Peters, Cycling Club Hackney/Learning Trust   @37
5.Alistair Slater, Hargroves Cycles-Trant-Next-Specialised-GSI @39
6. Matthew Holmes, Team Wallis Cycles/CHH/Telent/Scott/Powerbar/Continental  @40
7. Grant Ferguson, Team Scotland  @58
8. Taylor Johnstone, Team Scotland @1.02
9. Brennan Townshend, Mid Devon CC / Colin Lewis Cycles  @st
10.James Baillie, Sheffield Sports    @st
11. Dan Pearson, Port Talbot Wheelers/CJ Construction  @1.07
12. Daniel Young, Glendene CC/Ridley/Vitesse/OCE/Lazer/Exustar/Torq@1.16
13. Hugh Carthy, Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/Ride/MI Racing  @1.34
14. Jonathan Cregeen, Microgaming Team Isle of Man  @1.36
15. Jack Bowyer, Team Wallis Cycles/CHH/Telent/Scott/Powerbar/Continental  @st
16. Stuart McCluskey, Team Scotland   @1.50
17. Jonathan Knox, Team Wallis Cycles/CHH/Telent/Scott/Powerbar/Continental  @st
18. Lawrence Carpenter, Rapha Condor CC @2.398
19. Matt Clarke, Halesowen A & CC and Woods & Loines  @5.35
20. Oliver Rossi, PCA Ciclos Uno @5.58
21. Alex Pantelides, Twickenham CC/Evans Cycles/Giant @6.15

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Stage 1

In the four up finish that decided the race, Dante Carpenter of the Asfra racing team/Flanders Bikes was second, Luke Grivell-Mellor (Mid Shropshire Wheelers) was third and Daniel Young of the Glendene CC was 4th. Luke Grivell-Mellor (Mid Shropshire Wheelers) explained afterwards that the race had been a pretty aggressive one and that his strategy was to do his best to follow as many of the dangerous moves as he could.

“A quite dangerous move went early on and we managed to drag that back halfway through” Luke explained, adding “then it stayed together until around two laps to go where a group of three got away. Oli Rossi bridged across to that and going through the last lap, I got off the front to try and get across to them. A few riders in front dropped off the back of the break so I went past those and then Dante Carpenter got across to me.”

“We then rode across to the two in front, Dan Young and Oli Rossi and worked together to the finish with Ali Slater and Alex Peters chasing us. I tried to go early in the sprint but Oli powered to the line and I managed to hold on to third.”

Oliver Rossi sprints to a victory on stage 1 of the Bristol Junior Tour. Picture Tony Capelli. If you have photos of the race you would like to share with the rest of the cycling community, email them here

Luke explained that the course was quite a flat one and that there were a few hills but they were all big ring. The race also saw a few crashes with one rider, George Moore going down about half way through the race and then there was another crash in the main group.

Stage 2 Luke says will be a decisive one, and will be tough as the riders tackle the Mendip Hills. Lying third, he’s aiming to hold on to his position or improve it being on the same time as his nearest rivals.

Top 10 (Provisional, may change)
1. Oliver Rossi, PCA Ciclos Uno
2. Dante Carpenter Asfra racing team/Flanders Bikes
3. Luke Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers
4. Daniel Young Glendene CC/Ridley/Vitesse/OCE/Lazer/Exustar/Torq @15 seconds
5. Alex Peters Cycling Club Hackney/Learning Trust
6. Alistair Slater, Hargroves Cycles-Trant-Next-Specialised-GSI
7. Matthe Haase Cardiff Jif @30 seconds
8. Richard Walkerdine Wolverhampton Wheelers
9. Robert Lambton Brooks Cycles
10. Jack Barrett Team Scotland
11. Jack Bowyer Team Wallis Cycles/CHH/Telent/Scott/Powerbar/Continental

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