Report: Legstretchers Memorial to Betty Pharoah RR

A good day for Team UK Youth in the Welsh race, Legstretchers Memorial to Betty Pharoah RR, with a 1-2 and six riders and in the top 15.

Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretchers RR 2011
By Ian Homer (

Lucky for some, the 13th installment of the Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretchers Elite, 1 & 2 cat Road race was won by Frederik Johansson of Team UK Youth who also took the 1,2 with James Stewart.

Photos by Ian Homer (

The Vale of Glamorgan course was bathed in beautiful spring sunshine and made for some hot racing in both events. In the E123 early breaks were soon brought back under control by the peleton but by the 3rd Lap, however, a group of 7 riders (James Stewart, Frederik Johansson, Junior Heffernan, Dale Appleby, Mark Perry & Grant Bayton) went off the front and got a gap of 2 minutes on the field. One rider (Matt Rowe (Cycle Premier Metaltek) dropped back) and at Pentre Meyrick on the final lap Johansson broke free with a well timed attack and immediately took a gap of 13 seconds on the chasing group. This he consolidated on the run in and even with the negotiation of the tricky final climb was a clear winner by some 37 seconds.

Things were much tighter in the 3&4 cat race with no attacks sticking from the main bunch. It all pretty much came down to the final climb to the finish to produce a selection with Tony Kiss of Stratford CC taking the spoils on the line with 2nd place Rob Tuner of Climb on Bikes 2 seconds behind. Third and fourth was hotly contested and Joe Lally of CC Abergavenny pipping home rider Dave Medhurst (Cardiff Ajax CC) by less than a wheel length.

Photo: Ian Homer (

Joe Lally  CC Abergavenny wins the sprint 3rd in the 3/4 race. Ian Homer (

Ian Homer (

1st    Frederik Johansson  Team UK Youth  ESen  2h 55m 35s
2nd    James Stewart  Team UK Youth  ESen  @ 37s
3rd    Dale Appleby  Cycle Premier / Metaltek  ESen  st
4th    Mark Perry  Wilier/  ESen  @ 42s
5th    Junior Heffernan  Primal Europe/RUTrainingToday/BikeChainRicci  1Sen  st
6th    Grant Bayton  Wilier/  ESen  @ 55s
7th    Russell Falder  Mammoth Lifestyle RT  1Sen  @ 1m 07s
8th    Ian Alexander  Cheltenham & County CC  2Sen  @ 1m 28s
9th    Colin Parry  Wilier/  ESen  @ 1m 32s
10th    Filip Rudenstam  Team UK Youth  1Sen  @ 1m 38s
11th    Gruff Lewis  Team UK Youth  2Sen  @ 1m 45s
12th    Glyndwr Griffiths  Team Cyclemart  2Sen  st
13th    Joe Norledge  Web 29  2Sen  st
14th    Greg Mansell  Team UK Youth  2Sen  @ 1m 56s
15th    James Lowesley-Williams  Team UK Youth  2Sen  st
16th    Douglas Dewey  GWR/Team Swindon Cycles/High 5/Kalas/Scott Wilson  1Sen  st
17th    Ian Bendall  Forza Cycles  2Sen  st
18th    Hugh Wilson  Wilier/  1Sen  st
19th    Conor Ryan  Velo Club Montpellier  3Sen  st
20th    Sion O’Boyle  Torq Perfromance  2Sen  st
21st    Darren Parker  Pythin racing Team  2Sen  @ 1m 58s
22nd    Richard Harris  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  2Sen  st
23rd    Andrew Butcher  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  3Sen  st
24th    Ben  Simmons  Team Wiggle  1Sen  st
25th    Toby Eichler  Velo Club Montpellier  2Sen  st
26th  Tavis Walker  Adeo Cadence Race Team  2Sen  @ 2m 05s
27th    Dave Povall  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  3Sen  @ 2m 08s
28th    Russ White  Forza Cycles  2Sen  @ 2m 15s
29th    Hefin Price  Port Talbot Wheelers  2Sen  @ 2m 22s
30th    Richard Bowen  Abergavenny RC  2Sen  @ 2m 24s
31st    Wayne Coombs  Primal Europe  1Vet40  st
32nd    Thomas Cann  Shred Racing  2Vet40  @ 2m 32s
33rd    Daniel Davies  Team Wallis Cycles  2Sen  @ 2m 34s
34th    David Bees  Forza Cycles  2Sen  st
35th    David Crowley  Port Talbot Wheelers  2Sen  st
36th    Nick Pilborough  Dream Zerog  2Sen  @ 2m 45s
37th    Steve Edwards  Cardiff JIF  2Vet40  st
38th    Paul Tucker  Team VR  2Sen  st
39th    Karl Hine  Adeo Cadence Race Team  2Sen  @ 3m 04s
40th    Lee Williams  Team Wiggle  W1Sen  @ 3m 25s
41st    Matt Rowe  Cycle Premier Metaltek  1Sen  @ 4m 30s
42nd  Courtney Rowe  Cardiff JIF  2Vet40  @ 7m 35s

3/4 Race

1st    Tony Kiss  Stratford CC  3Sen  2h 19m 30s
2nd    Rob Turner  Climb On Bikes  4Sen  @ 2s
3rd    Joe Lally  CC Abergavenny  3Sen  @ 4s
4th    David Medhurst  Cardiff Ajax CC  4Sen  st
5th    James Hansell  Cardiff JIF  3Sen  st
6th    Hywel Sylvester  Privte Member  4Sen  st
7th    David Griffiths  Tenby Aces CC  3Sen  st
8th    James Shaw  Team Cyclemart  3Sen  @ 8s
9th    Steven Bennett  Acme Wheelers (Rhondda CC)  3Sen  st
10th    Rhys Gravelle  Port Talbot Wheelers  4Sen  @ 10s
11th    Christopher Crowther  Army Cycling Union  3Vet40  @ 12s
12th    Liam Sullivan  Forza Cycles  3Vet40  st
13th    Jack Gibson  Cardiff Ajax CC  3Sen  @ 16s
14th    Ed Laverack  Bynea CC  4Jun  st
15th    Paul Bennett  Cardiff JIF  3Vet50  st
16th    Matthew Thompson  Cardiff JIF  3Jun  st
17th    Ioan Williams  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  3Sen  @ 26s
18th    Ben Allister  Cardiff JIF  4Sen  st
19th    David Squire  Cheltenham and County CC  4Sen  st
20th    Ross Clayton  Climb On Bikes  3Sen  st
21st    Luke Cornish  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  3Jun  st
22nd    Mark Stacey  Port Talbot Wheelers  3Vet50  st
23rd    Justin Harcourt  Team Cyclemart  3Sen  st
24th    Guy Stevens  Abergavenny RC  3Vet40  st
25th    Christopher Matthews  Ogmore Valley Wheelers  3Vet40  st
26th    Jamie Fenaroli  Cardiff Ajax CC  3Sen  st
27th    Angharad Mason  Cardiff JIF  W2Sen  @ 53s
28th    Huw Austin  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  4Vet40  st
29th    Jonathan Shepherd  Forza Cycles  4Vet40  st
30th    Tony Trigg  Cardiff JIF  3Vet50  st
31st    Darren Stone  Cardiff JIF  3Sen  st
32nd    Gareth Sheppard  Cardiff JIF  3Sen  @ 1m
33rd    Julian Morgan  Cardiff Ajax CC  4Vet40  @ 1m 14s
34th    Gareth Rees  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  3Sen  @ 1m 16s
35th    Jeremy Read  Swindon Wheelers  3Sen  st
36th    Curtis Stacey  Port Talbot Wheelers  3Sen  st
37th    James Peckham  Onelife Fuga RT  3Vet40  @ 1m 23s
38th    Delbert DelaRonde  Cardiff JIF  3Vet50  @ 1m 36s
39th    Neal Craig  Forza Cycles  3Vet40  @ 1m 46s
40th    Daniel Taylor  Acme Wheelers (Rhondda CC)  4Sen  @ 7m 04s
41st    Will Robbins  Cardiff JIF  3Vet40  @ 7m 14s
42nd    Adrian Peall  Forza Cycles  4Sen  st
43rd    Darren Lloyd  Cardiff Ajax CC  4Sen  @ 7m 23s
44th    Kevin Hughes  Bynea CC  4Sen  @ 7m 37s
45th    Barrie McGregor  Cwmcarn Paragon RC  4Vet40  @ 8m 40s
46th    Liam Payne  Newport Olympic CC  4Sen  @ 8m 45s
47th    Jonathan Webb  Gannet CC  4Vet40  @ 8m 59s
48th  Bryn Ruston  Cardiff Ajax CC  4Vet40  @ 18m 53s
49th    James Rabaiotti  Cardiff Ajax CC  4Vet40  @ 19m 17s
50th    Robert Bignell  Abergavenny RC  3Sen  @ 19m 45s
51st    Dean Cummings  Acme Wheelers (Rhondda CC)  4Vet40  @ 20m 05s
52nd    Harry Watson-James  Cardiff Ajax CC  3Jun  @ 40m.

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