Memories of Paris Roubaix: Mike Brampton

Paris Roubaix is a photographers dream but it can also be a nightmare as getting around is a logistical puzzle and you never know what the crowd is going to do. Mike Brampton braved the event though and sent us these images.

Most of the race is spent chasing your tail all over the race route, hoping to get ahead of the race in time to set up the shot you think will be a goer only to find that someone like Graham Watson or Bryn Lennon has exactly the same idea except they are on motorbikes and suddenly you find your shot blocked by the back of a motorcycle helmet!

My overriding memories from this year, aside from the dust, was the noise of the cobbles and the crush of the fans that despite having the obligatory race radio, we had absolutely no idea this year of what was happening, who was who or where they were. The shambles that is Paris Roubaix is perhaps summarised by the shot of the Press pack hunting Van Summeren at the end. Hopefully some of these shots give an idea of the pain, loneliness, desperation and joys of the Queen of the Classics, perhaps I should go to Rutland….  A lot more shots available at