News: Peter Harrison Update

Peter Harrison of the Gosoforth RC, is in hospital but recoving after a heavy fall recently.

Organiser of the National Road Race Championships this year, as well as other events in the Northern Rock Cyclone was involved in a very heavy fall whilst on a training camp in Spain recently, breaking a collarbone, ribs and a broken hip.

In an email to VeloUK, Peter says “It was a pretty  bad crash. I got airlifted back on the 8th April and have been getting treatment in Newcastle. Fortunately the Gosforth RC, of which I am Chairman, has many emminent consultants so I’m being well looked after. All the injuries could take some time to heal.”

“I’ve only just been able tonight to sit up sufficiently to be able to use my netbook and to find wi fi access. It’s going to take a little while to catch up on all my e-mails!”

Our best wishes to Peter and hope he’s up and on his feet as soon as possible.