Question Time: Ben Swift

Winner of the final stage in the Vuelta a Castilla y Leon 2011, Ben Swift (Team Sky) sits in the VeloUK Question time chair.Also:  Read Ben’s review of his year so far

VeloUK. Was the plan for you to go for the sprint on this stage?
Ben Swift: Yes, we had both Russell and myself in the race and we were able to speak to each other. The first and second stages I wasn’t feeling good and said I would lead Russ out. My legs were getting better each day and I said I would like to have a go on the last stage.

VeloUK: Tell us about the sprint and the final few kilometres — who in the team started the train going and who was the rider who delivered you in the finale and how far out did you go?
Ben Swift: The sprint was quite technical and a little bit dangerous. Not with lots of sharp corners but quite vicious speed bumps and a fast straight down hill. But my team guided me perfectly. We had Alex in the break and then Dario got us all to the front with 2k to go, he was then taken over by Serge, then Pete and Froome both did long pulls and rotated with each other a few times. So that left Russ with around 600 meters to go. I used a track sprint where I laid off and looked at the guys behind and then I hit out just after the 300 meter sign.

VeloUK: How did you spend the stage? Did you have a rider looking after you keeping you sheltered or just duck and diving until the finale?
Ben Swift: The team spent the stage hurting the peleton. In cross winds, we road hard and split the field up and had someone in every move. I stayed with my team the whole day staying well sheltered.

VeloUK: It’s been a good Tour so what was happening in the team bus before the stage — who was DJ?
Ben Swift: At first there where a few battles along with Froome, Dowsett and myself for which music was played but I won. And we had the good beats before the stages. And then we used Russ’s laid back music to relax to after the stage.  The atmosphere was great in the team and on the bus and that really rubbed off on our racing style that week.

VeloUK: What is your next race?
Ben Swift: My next races are Tour of Romania, Tour of California, Tour of Swiss and then back for the Nationals.

VeloUK: Out of the forthcoming events, what is the next big goal for you?
Ben Swift: I don’t really have a big target as I just want to keep hitting the races the best I can and try and perform my best in each race.

VeloUK: When are we going to see you in the Yorkshire chaingang again!
Ben Swift: It needs to be when I have a bit of time because sometimes they can be harder then some of the races I do! There are some real talented guys out on the run and they give me a kicking sometimes.

VeloUK: Finally, highlight of the year so far and why?
Ben Swift: I would have to say Tour of Flanders. That was an amazing experience and that’s one race I would love to win in the future.

Keep in touch with Ben on Twitter – @swiftybswift – and look out for a new website for the Swift by name, swift by nature Team Sky Professional.

Also:  Read Ben’s review of his year so far



Scott Thwaites (Team Endura)

Matt Stephens (Sigma Sport Specialized)

Matt Brammeier (HTC Columbia)

Alex Dowsett (Team Sky) April 2011

Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp) March 2011

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