Feature: National 10 Time Trial Championship

Full Report: Larry Hickmott reports on the CTT 10 Champs where a star studded line up saw quite a few showdowns in the various categories.

Latest: Results from the overflow event

Saturday was my first ever visit to a Cycling Time Trials event and what a memorable one it was. Not only did I see Brad Wiggins pull out a great ride to win the 10 Championship but I saw two young riders, one a world champion, challenge the dominance of Julia Shaw in the women’s event.

Pre-start ritual — watches synchronised …

This was as grass roots as it gets. A huge field of riders all gunning for one of the blue ribbon titles in time trialling on a dual carriageway that had many a rider nervous. The wind was blowing a gale and the rain even tried to fall at times but nothing got in the way of a good days racing.

The full results tell the story of the racing (see below and you can read what Brad Wiggins thought of the day by clicking here. You will also find hundreds of pictures from the event in the photo album. Here is what the riders interviewed said of their day.

First rider gets ready to start the 10 champs off and running…

Julia Shaw (Drag2zero.com): “This is an important race for me and it was nice to win again. There were difficult conditions out there today and I did a lot of thinking about the strategy after riding the course yesterday. I had to think about how much effort I was going to put into the effort on the way out and I think I got that about right.”

“I got to five miles and was thankful I didn’t have to do that leg again and it was so quick coming back. There was one section, between two and four miles where it was really tough and I could see this big white building on the right which never seemed to be getting much closer!”

“So, I had to concentrate on being smooth and not getting buffeted about. Coming back it was really forgiving because you could be on your last legs and it didn’t seem to make much difference to my speed. I didn’t realise it was that close though after I’d had a couple of time checks on Sarah (Storey) and Joanna (Rowsell).”

“I knew the competition was going to be tough though because they are world champions and you never knew what they were going to come up with.”

“I probably could have paid more attention to the gearing. On the way back, I did spin out but it was just about okay, 53×11 at about 120 rpm which is about my limit. If it had of been any windier then I would been spinning out for sure.”

The race was also a performance goal for Julia as its part of the criteria for her to be considered for the GB team and the World Championships in Copenhagen this year. “The course there will suit me so it would be good to stand a chance of at least getting in the team. I trained hard for this race and it hasn’t gone that smoothly with illness so to put in a good ride today was quite rewarding.”

Junior Women’s Champion Hannah Barnes in full flight with the tailwind.

Hannah Mayho (100& ME) Bronze in the women‘s race: A young rider who won a Silver medal at the European Track Championships a few years ago in the Pursuit but was one of the riders caught up in that terrible crash last year in Belgium where a car crashed into a group of Women riders training.

That was just over a year ago and in the accident, Hannah suffered some pretty bad injuries including a broken femur and a broken wrist. Looking back at the period, Hannah says “I’m really grateful to everyone who helped me get back like Phil Burt and the staff. Some people who had the injuries I had would now be walking with a limp but I’m all fine.”

Hannah certainly did look great but did reveal that despite the injuries she has had, there are ways of getting round them like using inserts in shoes and so on. Hannah is certainly back in good form and said after the race “I’m really pleased with that and wasn’t expecting that result.”

“I have had a few ups and down and am now back on it and getting stuck into training and enjoying that. I think we’ve finally figured a way of getting the best out of me as an athlete and that has been key. I’m really excited about the next year.”

Hannah started her training post crash last year in Majorca where she went out on long rides while the other girls were doing specific drills for the Manchester World Cup. “I got back from there and did  two three week cycles of strength and power work which was in February. I was getting stronger and stronger in the gym and the numbers were going up in the lab before I had a ramp test at the end of March and it was best ever ramp test”.

“I knew then it was working and I have just kept going on from there. There is so much more to come as well.”

Talking us through her ride in the 10 mile championship, Hannah said “There was a really strong head wind out  but I just gritted my teeth and knew it would be the same for everyone. It was then a very fast run back where you almost like run out of gears. I was first off as well so I had no-one in front of me to chase either.”

“It was a completely different effort to the pursuit. Because you’re on the road, you’re having to deal with traffic and after what I went through  last year, I was quite nervous. On the track you put your head down and its over quickly but this one seemed to go on forever”.

Asked finally what her goal was now, Hannah replied smiling “I think you know what that goal is!” She meant of course London 2012 in the Team Pursuit. Everyone wants to be part of the team at the Olympics and this summer she agrees is crucial for her to force her way into the team just as her young teammates Laura Trott and Danni King have done.

“I have the Under 23 Europeans (Track) at the end of July and I am hoping to go there in the best shape possible and after that, come back, reassess and go for one of those places in the Team Pursuit.”

Hannah Mayho.

Joe Perrett Bronze in the men’s race. (Twenty3C-Orbea): The bronze medal for Joe was yet another good result after a few top rides already this season. Until now he has been cautious about where its all going having suffered some injuries in the last year but after the 10 champs said “I feel I’m all good now. Finally. I kept having people coming up to me telling me how bleak it was and I rode it in the morning and that outward leg was certainly pretty grim.”

“In the race though it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then you had the three turns which you had to try and get round quickly and it was a more pleasant journey back! The dip down to the finish I was spinning the gear out. I almost enjoyed the ride really!”

“I’m very happy with the result. I wanted to be half a minute off Hutchinson and that’s near enough where I was so quite happy. The first three k there was a rough surface up hill and with a bad wind and I knew I needed to belt it on that. I then held it and before the turn, there was a pub where I squeezed it up the hill and held it through the bends and then you hit the tailwind.”

I was using the 12 on the flat bits with the tailwind, the 13 on the up hill and the 11 at the finish. I’m not a big gear  rider. I was using a 53 chain ring.”

Joe Perrett (right) joins an illustrious line up with Michael Hutchinson and Bradley Wiggins.

Preview: Click here

Bradley Wiggins, scars on the knees from crashes this year, back to his best with the Tour de France only six weeks away.

Junior Men’s Champion Ryan Mullen



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1. Hannah Barnes Motorpoint Pro Cycling 00:24:41
2. Lucy Garner Motorpoint Pro Cycling 00:25:18
3. Abby-Mae Parkinson Aire Valley Rt 00:25:26
4. Hannah Layland Vc St Raphael 00:26:01
5. Keira Mcvitty Kings Cliffe Flyers 00:26:54
6. Amira Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers 00:28:31
7. Rebecca Hodgson Hartlepool Cc 00:29:05

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