Introducing Aussie Blair Windsor

In the last few years, the influx of Australians into the British peloton has grown and on Thursday in Colchester, Blair Windsor of Wilier/SelfGoDrive took his place on the start line. Blair is the younger brother of Dean ‘the Duke’ Windsor of Rapha Condor Sharp and Colchester was his second Halfords Tour Series race.

Both Dean and Blair come from Bathurst which is also the home of Mark Cavendish’s right hand man, Mark Renshaw.

Blair’s introduction to the Tour series has been tough. Last week was tough all round in the Tour series what with the course in Durham and then the weather in Wales, and and then Blair crashed out in Colchester in week 2. As he said on his Twitter ( page “I love the @TourSeries, but I’m starting to question if he loves me back. We have a date on Tuesday so time will tell”.

Before that race in Colchester, VeloUK caught up with Blair who explained “Dean come home (Bathurst) after the season to say the Tour Series is one you have to do and ever since then I have been looking to come over here and start racing. I think he’s right. I have only had one race here but the hype and everything is amazing and a credit to everyone involved.”

Blair is from a city in New South Wales called Bathurst where hundreds of thousands flock every   year to watch motor racing and the most famous motor race in Australia is the Bathurst 1000 for tin tops, (Touring Cars). Blair explained that Bathurst hosted a round of a criteriums series in Australia last winter (there summer)  which was a big success.

“It shows you how big cycling is going to get a town known for its V8 supporters who like to drink beer and here they are watching men in lycra racing around the town and loving it. It can definitely take off.”

Blair is racing in Britain for Wilier/GoSelfDrive which has asked him to race the Tour Series for them and he says the team have been brilliant in making it easy to enter the world of British racing. Not that he’ll be in Britain for the whole year, saying that he’s only here for the Tour Series and a few other races before he heads back home to race for his Australian team.

It is Blair’s first time in the UK and he is hoping to come back again next year after thoroughly enjoying his stay so far. “It has been very different and I’m really liking it so I would definitely like to return if the opportunity presented itself.”

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