Result: SD&W 25 mile Time Trial

Iain Brogden wins the Southborough & District Wheelers on 12 June 2011

Ian Turner writes … Good weather conditions, if somewhat chilly, with the rain holding off until almost all riders had finished, produced some fast times.  Congratulations to Iain Brogden (Eastbourne Rovers) for winning the AJ Bathurst Trophy; Ben Wimpory (Sydenham Wheelers): best improver as well as 4th overall; and Mel Roberton (Worthing Excelsior CC: fastest vet OAS.  Also, to Eastbourne Rovers CC, winners of the team prize.

I would like to thank the following people, without whom the event would not have been possible: Les Hayman (start timekeeper), Warwick Dunford (finish timekeeper), David Watson (pusher-off), Peter Watson, Bill MacNay, Jackie MacNay, Dave Parker and Doug Finch (marshals), Brian Whitehouse (Results Board) and Mary Turner (refreshments – the excellent flapjacks and fruit cake were home-made and were obviously well received because there were none left for our tea!).

1st  Iain Brogden        Eastbourne Rovers CC    53-07        plus the AJ Bathurst Trophy
2nd  Darren Barclay        Arctic-Premier             54.14
3rd  Tom Glandfield        Lewes Wanderers CC        56.48
4th  Ben Wimpory        Sydenham Wheelers CC    58.15
5th  Michael Valks        Sussex Nomads        58.38

Best Line 2 improvement
1st  Ben Wimpory        Sydenham Wheelers CC     +5.05
2nd  Adrian Hoyle        Brighton Excelsior        +3.10
3rd  Dave Warne        Old Portlians CC         +2.01

Fastest Veteran OAS
1st  Mel Roberton        Worthing Excelsior CC    +19.36
2nd Geoff Smith        Eastbourne Rovers CC    +14.32
3rd  Paul Jefferies        VC Etoile            +14.19

Fastest team
1st  Eastbourne Rovers CC    Iain Brogden, Stuart Davis &  Geoff Smith  2.54.54

Iain Brogden    Eastbourne Rovers    53.07
Darren Barclay    Arctic-Premier    54.14
Tom Glandfield    Lewes Wanderers CC    56.48
Ben Wimpory    Sydenham Wheelers CC    58.15
Michael Valks    Sussex Nomads    58.38
Mel Roberton    Worthing Excelsior CC    58.44
Mark Paton    Lewes Wanderers CC    59.00
Carl Richardson    In Gear    59.03
Keith Carter    Horsham Cycling    59.39
Stuart Davis    Eastbourne Rovers    59.42
Matthew Smith    Gemini BC    1.00.03
Ian Bashford    Old Portlians CC    1.00.13
Andy Morley    Southborogh & District Wheelers    1.00.14
Steve Thurgood    Sydenham Wheelers CC    1.00.15
Robert Richardson    Chippenham & District Wheelers    1.00.16
Paul Jefferies    VC Etoile    1.00.36
Neil Midgley    Lewes Wanderers CC    1.00.39
David Twin    Sydenham Wheelers CC    1.00.41
Paul Smith    Catford CC    1.01.30
Michael Turner    Lewes Wanderers CC    1.01.41
Dave Stocker    San Fairy Ann CC    1.01.48
Geoff Smith    Eastbourne Rovers    1.02.05
Oliver Tuckley    Lewes Wanderers CC    1.02.24
Alan Lloyd    Lewes Wanderers CC    1.03.02
Tony Murphy    Eastbourne Rovers    1.03.14
Dave Warne    Old Portlians CC    1.03.39
Simon Newell    Hastings & St Leonards CC    1.03.50
Adam Ford    Eastbourne Rovers    1.04.27
Andrew Stobbart    Eastbourne Rovers    1.04.52
Paul Delicata    Sydenham Wheelers CC    1.05.57
Hugh Alan Procter    Lewes Wanderers CC    1.06.15
Paul Valks    Sussex Nomads    1.06.49
David Cowlard    E.G.Triathlon Club    1.07.50
Ben Crick    East Grinstead CC    1.07.51
Peter Logan    Worthing Excelsior CC    1.07.54
Tim Miles    Hastings & St Leonards CC    1.08.00
John Mankelow    Lewes Wanderers CC    1.08.47
David Hickman    Old Portlians CC    1.09.07
Adrian Hoyle    Brighton Excelsior    1.09.50
Bob Donington    Clarence Wheelers CC    1.10.06
Adrian Hills    Lewes Wanderers CC    1.11.50

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