Report: Wyndymilla Road Races

Dave Hayward reports on the mens and women’s races in Seal, Surrey last weekend


Sunday morning was not looking good when traveling to Seal in Surrey for the first of many  Women’s races  by Wyndymilla bestspoke cycling.  On arrival news was breaking that the entry field was quite small due to a clash of  other womens events. Henry Furness, the organizer pointed out to the riders that as this was the first race of it’s kind on a new circuit the first lap will be neutralized.

As soon as the  neutralized lap was done the girls got to work with Emily Bagnall, Kingston Wheelers, and Corrine Hall Team Corridori, setting the pace at the front. With in 2 laps Corrine was up front on her own.
Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers, Kate Hewett Mule Bar, Catherine Hills Wyndymilla were left to do the chasing for the rest of the race.

As the drizzled of rain continued Corrine emerged from the gloom with a comfortable lead over the others to Win the fist Wyndymilla Ladies Kermess. “Bit like cyclo X, wet, cold and horrible, but it suits me”, said Corrine.
I was hoping for it to rain at the Nocturne for the Elite womens race where I hoped to improve my 3rd place from last year, instead it rained today.

Corrine Hall savours victory

1 Corrine Hall Team Corridori 1W
2 Wiebke Rietz 1st Chard Wheelers 2W
3 Kate Hewett Mule Bar Girls 3W
4 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers 2W
5 Catherine Hills Wyndymilla 3VW


Sunday afternoon saw no letup in the rain for the men’s race. Out of a full field that entered 35 riders braved the conditions. Same format as the ladies race the riders were treated to a one lap neutralized zone to have a look at the course. As soon as the lead car moved away from the bunch Team Wyndymilla were keen to kick off the action followed by 2 laps of constant attacking fast corners. Even though the riders were carful in the corners they were not holding back on the straights. Riders fighting to hold position in the long line out.

Riders were going off the back with the look of surprise at the sheer pace that was being set. For  Joe Norledge, Velo 29, it looked as if his race was over after suffering a front wheel puncture while in a lead group of three. He waited as the bunch passed him. With a quick wheel change from Wyndymilla’s service car Joe had a long arduous  chase back on.  After his chase back to the bunch Joe returned to the action. On the last corner towards the finish a misjudgment in braking caused a crash which was enough for Joe Norledge Velo 29 to maintain his gap to win the men’s race.

1 Joe Norledge Velo 29 2
2 James Wilson Banjo Cycles 2
3 Toby Parnell Cambridge University 2
4 Stoyko Bussarov Eagle RC 2
5 Robert McCarthy Team Cycle Kingdom 2
6 Nick Abraham Private Member 2V
7 Elliott Porter London Dynamo 3
8 Jamie Newall Team Corley Cycles 2
9 Joe Harris Reading CC 2
10 Andy Edwards Kingston Wheelers 2V