Report: Modbury evening Road Race

James Smith of writes … Another great evening of racing and on the open road too! Next race is July 28th so get your entries in for that.

Last nights race was probably the best for some years with most of the riders fairly evenly matched and the bunch staying together for the race. This probably had something to do with a strong presence from Primal Europe/RUTrainingToday who sent Rob Willcoks up the road on the first circuit with Mark Barlow (Newquay Velo).

Then, on the second circuit, an elite selection of three riders got a gap of nearly two minutes which opened up to over three minutes on the final circuit. The three in this break raced to the finish with James Williams (Primal Europe/RUTraining) taking a fine win out sprinting Peter Vincent (MDCC) with Richard Oram (Revo)a few seconds back in 3rd.

1 James Williams
2 Pete Vincent
3 Richard Oram
4 James Smith
5 Junior Heffernan
6 Ian Cullen
7 Joshua Yetman
8 Mark Mullen
9 Peter Haworth
10 Paul Hooper
11 Jerry Rayner
12 Seb Baylis
13 Rob Willcocks
14 Will Hornby
15 Gary Pike

Thanks to all for a fine race and see more of you on the 28th

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