LVRC: Brendan Chui Memorial Road Races

Results of the LVRC Brendan Chui Memorial Road Races at Bridgnorth on July 2nd

1. Alan Kemo, Weaver Valley 41 miles in 1.58.11 E
2. Allan Ramsay, Road Peace same time E
3. Terry Meechan, Coventry Cycles same time D
4. Andy Donaldson, Ferryhill Whs, Mountain High same time D
5. Andy Jones, W’ton Whs same time D
6. Mike Webb, Royal Sutton E @ 6.31
7. John Callaghan, Epic Cycles E same time
8. John Hughes, Coventry RC E @ 6.50
9. R. Grundman, Royal Sutton D same time
10. Ralph Walker, Macclesfield Whs G @ 7 mins
11. Ewart Howkins, Weaver Valley same time
12. Malcolm Stephens, Mid Shropshire Whs D same time
13. D. Prior, Wyre Forest CRC E @ 27 mins
14. K. Bradbury, Wyre Forest CRC @ 34 mins

A/B/C Race
1. Jeff Vernon, Birkenhead North End B 41 miles in 1.52.30
2. Pete Turner, Derby Mercury C @ 1.08
3. Ian Dutton C @ 1.30
4. J. Williams, Climb on Bikes A same time
5. Mike Twelves B same time
6. Lorenzo Burratti, Wyre Forest A same time
7. Mark Farrar, Coventry RC A same time
8, I. Foster, Cycle Shack A same time
9. C. Phillips, Abercynon A same time
10. Sean 0′ Toole, VC Sevale B same time
11. K. Moseley, Strourbridge Velo same time

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