Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

With a large contingent of regulars at the Masters National Track Championships there was a distinct young rider feeling at the latest round the Brooks Cycles Track League

 at Newcastle, Staffs on Thursday 30th June 2011.

The Freewheelers races that take place before the main event saw the best turnout of the year and in the main league there were 16 riders in the youth races. Along with a number of Youth A riders in the A and B leagues there is high hopes of a bright future at the league.

The A Sprint events saw Louis Preston, Lyme RC make full use of his long mark in the Neil Potter Sponsored 500m Handicap League to win from a closing Ryan Whatmough, Shepherd Cycles and Joffie Houlton. The team sprint saw the winning team of Paul Whatmough, Shepherd Cycles, Barney Swinnerton, Science in and Joffie Houlton take the win in a time of 44.91 for the 600m event. The final Keiren race saw Barney Swinnerton power away to a 2 length win from Sean Mayer, Lyme RC and Ryan Whatmough.

The A Class Endurance races saw Robert Lambton, Brooks Cycles re-take the overall lead as he scored 11 points in winning all four events in the 10 lap scratch, 10 lap points race, Team pursuit and the final 10 mile scratch. After finishing his exams the previous week Rob can now focus on his cycling inhis build up to the National Track Championships that take place in August.

The B Class events saw Neil Cummins take the opening 8 lap scratch from Alex Webb, Lyme RC and George Edwards . George Edwards then took control as he won the devil as well as being a member of the winning team pursuit team. In the final 10 mile event he finished as the top B rider to take maximum points and move to a close second in the overall table.

The Youth events saw Joel p[artington continue to amass the points as he won the opening 200m TT and take the final 6 lap scratch. Tom Rotherham, Sportcity Velo won the devil and was also a member of the winning team sprint team.

In the Freewheelers league, which this week was a Go Ride Event there was a great turnout of 25 riders with four new riders . The top point’s scorers in each group were as follows;

Group 1  Olivia Braybrooke  Eastlands Velo  6 points 
Group 2  James Brayford     7 points
Group 3  Cameron McNeil, Lucca Annese and Austin Scott   9 points

Group 1

Race 1
1st James Duncalf    Lyme RC
2nd Megan Williams   Lyme RC
3rd Aleshia Mellor   Eastlands Velo

Race 2
1st Olivia Braybrooke   Eastlands Velo
2nd Megan Williams
3rd Brandon McMillan   Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Bradley Hill    Lyme RC
2nd Olivia Braybrooke
3rd James Duncalf

Group 2
Race 1
1st Harrison Barber   NTCA
2nd Andrew Williams
3rd Holy Mulroy 

Race 2
1st James Brayford
2nd Ambrose Morris   Lyme RC
3rd Samuel Hall

Race 3
1st James Brayford
2nd Ambrose Morris
3rd Samuel Hall

Group 3
Race 1
1st Lucca Annese    Lyme RC
2nd Austin Scott    Lyme RC
3rd Edward Mulroy

Race 2
1st Lucca Annese    
2nd Austin Scott    
3rd Edward Mulroy

Race 3
1st Cameron McNeil
2nd Joe Barber    NTCA
3rd Ellie Bloomer

Race 4
1st Dae Stigwood
2nd Austin Scott
3rd Oliver Cashmore

Race 5
1st Cameron McNeil
2nd Ellie Bloomer
3rd Grace Goodwin

Youth 200m TT
1st Joel Partington   Lyme RC
2nd Tom Rotherham   Sportcity Velo
3rd James Risk    Weaver Valley

A Class Endurance 10 lap scratch
1st Robert Lambton   Brook Cycles
2nd Paul Whatmough   Shepherd Cycles
3rd Will Thomas    Team Velocity

Neil Potter 500m Handicap League
1st Louis Preston    Lyme RC
2nd Ryan Whatmough   Shepherd Cycles
3rd Joffie Houlton    PM

B Class 8 Lap Scratch
1st Neil Cummins    PM
2nd Alex Webb    Lyme RC
3rd George Edwards   Lyme RC

Youth Devil
1st Tom Rotherham
2nd Joel partington
3rd James Risk

A Class Endurance Points Race
1st Robert Lambton
2nd Christian Braybrooke   Team Velocity
3rd Alex Simmons    Lyme RC

A Class sprinters team Sprint
1st Joffie Houlton
 Paul Whatmough
 Barney Swinnerton   Science in

B Class devil
1st George Edwards
2nd Jack Fearon    Weaver Valley
3rd Alex Webb

Youth Team Sprint
1st Megan Wynn    Lyme RC
 Liam Zwetschnikow   Lyme RC
 Nick Fortheringham   Weaver Valley
 Imogen Crooks   Lyme RC
 Sallie Birchall    Lyme RC
 Alex Braybrooke   Team Velocity
 Thomas Rotherham
 Connor Fearon   Weaver Valley

A Class Endurance Team Pursuit
1st Paul Whatmough
 Doug Williams
 Robert Lambton

A Class Sprinters Keiren Final
1st Barney Swinnerton
2nd Sean Mayer    Lyme RC
3rd Ryan Whatmough

B Class Team Pursuit
1st Sam Birchall    Lyme RC
 Jack Fearon
 Dave Fearon
 George Edwards

Youth Scratch
1st Joel Partington
2nd James Risk
3rd Becky Gray    Lyme RC

10 Mile H’cap
1st Robert Lambton
2nd Ryan Whatmough
3rd Barney Swinnerton

1st George Edwards
2nd Chris Pyatt    NTCA
3rd Joel Partington

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