Result: RTTC Team Time Trial Championship

On the day the Team Time Trial is held in the Tour de France, Team won the RTTC team time trial championships by over two minutes as Adam Duggleby, Alistair Rutherford and Alex Royle (junior) defeated the trio from Cycle Premier team (Simon Wilson, Dale Appleby, and Tony Gibb) with In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT in third spot missing out on Silver by three seconds (Peter Tadros, Cornall Yates, Will Manager).



1. 1:15:34
2. 1:17:48
3. In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 1:17:51
4. Artic premier Rt 1:18:27

There was also a worthy performance was made by Twenty3c Orbea with Andy Loyns puncturing within the first 25 miles and the remaining two (Mike Cumings, Andrew Griffiths) riders eventually finished strong with 1:17.13. The Women’s title was won by A3crg/sis comprising of Johanna Lovell, Jo Edson, Jane Allen with 1:49.20.

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