Result: Ciclos Uno Handicap Series

Young Ross King of Schils Interbike wins round 10 of the TLI – Ciclos Uno North Weald Handicap Series on July 5th

 Main Handicap Race
1st Ross King Schils Interbike JUV 1hr
2nd Billy-Joe  Whenman Whyte Bikes ESP @20 sec
3rd James Jackson RG Active ESP @25 Seconds
4th Joe Giggings Twenty3C-Orbea ESP S.T.
5th Chris Bulley   S.T.
6th Michael Rostoff Chelmer CC  S.T.
7th Murat  Ozdenya   S.T.
8th Tom  Yiagov n/a  S.T.
9th David Boakes Harlow CC  S.T.
10th Ed  Spurgeon  E S.T.
Over 65’s Race
1st Trevor Mills Ford CC F
2nd Tim  Elsdale PCA Ciclos Uno F
3rd Chaz Wilde  F

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