Result: Oakley Road Races

Amy Roberts (Women’s Team Series)  & Aaron McCaffrey the winners at the Oakley Road Race in Buckinghamshire

Jon Miles writes … Amy Roberts- For Viored narrowly pipped Lucy Garner-Motorpoint in a thrilling finish to the Women’s Team Race Series held in the village of Oakley, Bucks after a two lap escape of the mainly flat course.

In pouring rain, Amy Roberts celebrates a wonderful victory. Photo: Mark Hopkings (click for more)

Organised by Scott Holmes this race forms part of a unique event as this is the day of the Oakley Village Fete when the whole village turns out to watch some high class racing; generally know as a sprinters race due to the flat nature of the event – always so well marshalled – this year a breakaway won. Held in changing weather including a tropical downpour 2 kilometres from the finish, the race was enlivened by several attacks but the vigilant bunch with Motorpoint at the helm having placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd last year these breaks were always brought back but on the final spring prime with 2 laps to go Lucy garner sprinted for the prime – and kept going.

The sprint with Harriet Owen getting to the line ahead of teammate Hannah Barnes. Photo Mark Hopkins.

Amy Roberts eventually went after her and the nature of the race was changed; these two rapidly gained time on a bunch controlled by Motorpoint – Amy was on her own with no team backing – until with 2 kilometres that thunderstorm lashed down but by this time Roberts had won a good race but still Motorpoint let their extensive track training come to the for as they filled the next 3 places. How they love this race at Oakley!

Report from Michael Leonard for the Surrey League Women’s Team at Oakley (National Women’s Team Series)

After the excellent result from the team at Stratford, the Surrey League Womens Team had high expectations of a good outcome in the latest National Team Series round at Oakley.  Unfortunately preparations were blighted by illness to one of the team, Tanya, who came down with a heavy cold and had to pull out.  So starting with 5 out of the original 6 riders, the team were soon down to 4 as Catherine was caught up in a nasty crash on lap 1 and had to retire from the race.

The remaining girls soon set about their business by covering and initiating any breakaway threats from the main pack.  However, there seemed to be a lot of tactical riding and in the latter stage of the race and due to some lack of concentration the team wasn’t represented in the move of the day.  After a few attempts to pull back the break the main pack settled to prepare itself for the inevitable sprint finish, upon which the heavens opened up with some super heavy rain.

This probably contributed to another crash in the closing stages coupled with a car somehow managing to involve itself in the final dash for the line resulting in most of the team getting blocked out and nervous to take any chances.  Even so the girls still came in with some respectable finishing positions.  In summary, the team was left with mixed emotions, some frustration in missing the break, but also some satisfaction in the knowledge that they rode for the most part a good competitive and aggressive race.

1.     Motorpoint                   435 points
2.    Cardiff Ajax                172 points
3.    For Viored                    150 points
4.    Surrey League              135 points
5.    Abergavenny                 131 points
6.    West Midlands              113 points
7.    Squadra Donne              111 points
8.    Impsport team A            101 points
9.    Inverse RT                    98 points
10.  Twickenham CC              62 points
11.   Team Zappi                   57 points
12.   PSUK                           35 points

Oakley RR Womens Team series
1        Amy     Roberts     ForViored    02:17:59
2        Lucy     Garner    Motorpoint    st
3        Harriet    Owen    Motorpoint    at 1.58
4        Hannah     Barnes    Motorpoint    st
5        Hannah    Walker    Motorpoint    st
6        Lauren     Creamer    Abergavenny cc    st
7        Molly     Weaver    West Midlands/Solihull CC    st
8        Elinor    Barker    Cardiff Ajax    st
9        Hannah    Shenton    Motorpoint    st
10        Iona    Sewell    Squadra Donne    st
11        Amelia    Cambridge    Impsport Team A    st
12        Hanneke    Van Der Werfe    Cardiff Ajax    st
13        Emma    Cradock    Surrey League    st
14        Kirsty     Bishop    Police Sport UK CRT    st
15        Laura    Massey    Inverse RT    st
16        Ruby    Miller    Horizon Fitness    st
17        Claire     Lever    Team Zappi    st
18        Charlie    Ratcilffe    Cardiff Ajax    st
19        Claire    Lennard    Surrey League    st
20        Delia    Beddis    Inverse RT    st
21        Corrine    Hall    Twickenham CC    st
22        Fern     Cotterill    Abergavenny cc    st
23        Stephanie     May    Twickenham CC    st
24        Sarah     Maidment    Squadra Donne    st
25        Emiily    Bagnall    Surrey League    st
26        Tracy    Dresch    Squadra Donne    st
27        Kate     George    Impsport Team A    st
28        Rachel    Przybyiski    Surrey League    st
29        Julia    Brown    West Midlands Team    st
30        Claire    Allen    Impsport Team A    st
31        Siabhian    McNamara    Inverse RT    st
32        Georgina    Gilbert    Cardiff Ajax    st
33        Jackie    Garner    Abergavenny cc    st
34        Rebecca    Keogh    West Midlands/Solihull CC    st
35        Rachel    Ward    Team Zappi    st

Men’s Race (click here for photos)
1        Aaron    McCaffrey    Virgin Active    02:09:31
2        James     Cambridge    st
3        James     Wilson    st
4        Roger     Prior    Team Zappi    st
5        Tim    Carter    Virgin Active    at 2secs
6        Richard     Cleaver    VC Montpellier    st
7        Roger     Browne    Beeline Bicycles RT    st
8        Danny    Axford    Artic Premier RT    at 14secs
9        Ian    Alexander    Cheltenham & County CC    st
10        Matthew    Ullmer    Team Qoroz    at 21secs
11        Matthew    Miles    InGear Quickvit/ Trainsharp    at 1.33
12        Lubomir    Belaki    Welwyn Wheelers    st
13        Kieran    Dineen    Amersham RCC    st
14        Jon    Lewis    Charlotteville CC    st
15        Ed     Clemens    VC10    st
16        Donal    Linehan    Newbury RC    st
17        David     Barnaville    Felt-Colbornes    st
18        Joe    Norledge    Velo29    st
19        Andrew    Browne    VeloClub Peloton    st
20        Paul    Bird    Virgin Active    st
21        Graham    Hills    InGear Quickvit/ Trainsharp    st
22        Justin     Belcher    Banbury Star    st
23        Neil     Wass    Anders TMG Horizon RT    st
24        Cameron    Foster    Team Zappi    st
25        Greg    Payne    Rockingham Forest Wheelers    st
26        Nick    Beale    Beeline Bikes RT    st
27        William    Macke    Aw    st
28        Campbell    Noon    Virgin Active    st
29        Pete    Smith    Team Jewson    st
30        Mike    Diggins    VC Peloton    st
31        Mike    Inder    Thames Velo    st
32        Rob    Yeatman    Team Jewson    st
33        Ian    Goold    Virgin Active    st
34        Gunther    Zecchmann    TeamZ    st
35        Berni    Charlick    CC Basingstoke    st
36        Robert     Stimpson    Python RT    st
37        Phil    Starr    Python RT    st
38        Harry     Strudley    Aw    st
39        Ian    Holmes    Virgin Active    st
40        Ben     Broughton    Team Zappi    st
41        Luke    Souter    Bantbury Star    st

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