Result: LVRC Clifton CC Road Race

Clifton Cycling Club’s first veteran’s first road race was run on the North Newbald circuit on Sunday 10th.

A Group
1st    Patrick Lince            Lindsey Roads CC
2nd    Richard Tayles            Saddleworth Clarion
3rd    Richard Douthwaite    Clifton CC

B Group
1st     Richard Binks            Holme Valley Wheelers
2nd    Steve Ellis                Out Of The Saddle CC
3rd    Kev Stuart                Leeds Mercury

C Group
1st     David Stephens        Triangle RT
2nd    Keith Middleton        VC Lincoln
3rd    Tony May

D Group
1st    John Manning            Derby Mercury
2nd    Mick Day                    Paul Milnes Cycles
3rd    Dave Scargill            Birdwell Wheelers

E Group
1st    Alan Ramsay               RoadPeace/Bioracer/4Kam
2nd    Keith McKay            VC York
3rd    Mike Allen                Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca

F Group
1st    Brian Sunter            Condor RC
2nd    Bill Cotton                Belper BC
3rd    Jeff Hardy

G Group
1st    Jack Watson            MI Racing
2nd    Derrick Woodings        Team Jewson

H Group
1st    John Dowell            CC Portuence

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