Result: Dundee Wheelers RR at Meigle

Jordan Stokes of Endura Pedal Power wins the 3rd and 4th category road race at Meigle over 42 miles.

The peloton stayed largely together with one or two attaempts to break away which  brought back by the bunch leaving the result to be settled in a bunch kick on the hill climb at Auchindorie farm where Stokes was victorious. There were two incidents during the race, one, the was race stopped to warn riders to refrain from riding on the wrong side of the road on lap 2 and a stray dog wandered into the path of the main bunch with one rider crashing – thankfully no serious injuries.

1. Jordan Stokes Endura Pedal Power
2. Paul Gareze Lomond Roads
3. Stuart McLuskey Leslie Bikes (1st Jnr)
4. Malcolm Gibson Stirling BC
5. Johnathan Buckley Squadra Porcini
6. Barry Wilson Dundee Thistle
7. John McAffrey
8. Derek McMillan
9. Rich Semple
10. Neil Crawford
11. Will Crawford
12. Franco Porco
13. Craig Wallace
14. John Mcquaid
15. George Roloft
16. Frances Hepburn Scott
17. William Bowers
18. Ean Mcuty
19. David Anderson
20. Graham Mercer

1st Vet John McAffrey Leslie Bikes
1st Lady Laura Murray Velocity 44
2nd Jnr Craig Wallace (1 winner 1 prize)