Result: LVRC Cleansweep No. 1

Results from the veterans racing at Darley Moor in Derbyshire with Mick Perrin and Alan Kemp the winners of the two races

1. Mick Perrin, Ashfield RC Cb
2. Phil Rayner, Welland Valley
3. Simon Owens A
4. Neil Beesley, A
5. Mike Garth A
6. Simon Alexander B
7. Jon Rice C
8. Pete Turner, Derby Mercury C
9. Nick Sharpe, Buxton CC C
10. Andy Parr A
11. Paul Stewart B
12. Phil Evans, Coventry RC C
13. Dean Cross A
14. Martin Harney, Manchester Whs B
15. Ged Heap GP Platers B
16. Chris Horsfield, Brooks Cycles A
17. Richard Weltman, Manchester Whs A

1. Alan Kemp, Weaver Valley CC E
2. Don Parry, Team Corley, Cervelo E
3. Andy Donaldson, Ferryhill Whs – Mountain High D
4. Ray Pugh, Liverpool Mercury D
5. Phil Rose, Wheel Guru D
6. Malcolm Fraser, Team Lusso E
7. Mark Thompson, Weaver Valley CC F
8. John Archer, Bike Factory E
9. Bill Cotton, Belper BC F
10. Mike Wilson, Audlem CC E
11. Derrick Woodings, Team Jewson G
12. Bob Richards,Renault Rotor Colbert RT G

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