Editorial: VeloUK Blocked by British Cycling

VeloUK’s Larry Hickmott writes … British Cycling, the governing body of the sport who’s role is supposed to be to help the sport grow and prosper, have blocked VeloUK from following their Twitter feed. Now, that is not a major thing in itself because anyone can see what they are twittering about very easily but it is the principle of what they are doing that I find most puzzling.

The first time this happened, the Communications Manager Russell Langley, formerly of UK Sport, had that decision by someone in their web team reversed as he realised at the time it was not good publicity for the organisation. VeloUK now awaits a response from the organisation, preferably it’s CEO Ian Drake, as to whether this will again be seen to be a very childish, pedantic action, probably by an equally so member of their staff who bears malice to a website (and its publisher), that was set up to help serve the sport as a whole (all sections of it, not just one organisation).

The irony of all this is that while employed by British Cycling earlier this year, I did my damndest to get the British Cycling web manager, Phil Ingham, to change his (and that of management) policy towards the reduction of event coverage. I went to the board as a last resort (getting in trouble for doing so), the board went to the CEO and others and, only after I resigned in April because I did not seem to be getting anywhere and felt a website was needed to serve the sport, did the organisation actually seen the sense in looking after its existing members and improve its event coverage.

It was a u-turn on the part of the web team just as I was setting up VeloUK.net and since then they (the web team or part thereof) seem more intent on hurting VeloUK rather than working together for the benefit of the sport which is what we all want them to do. Instead of doing what I was told they would do which was move away from being a ‘news’ website and to instead promote the good work the organisation does for the sport. As ever, their website is still not clear as to what its role is.

Let me say that the majority of the divisions in British Cycling do work with VeloUK and are very very helpful and the people in them are as passionate and well meaning in helping the sport as I am at VeloUK. The unfortunate fact is that the Communications part of British Cycling, which is there to communicate with the fans, public and media working for the sport has decided to cut communication with VeloUK!

It would be so helpful to the sport and VeloUK, if they, British Cycling Communications, worked as well with me as others parts of the organisation do and for which I am very appreciative. The shame of it is that when on the front line, I find that one individual within the organisation is upsetting so many people who like me, want to serve the sport and have a good reputation and standing in the sport to do so.

So, perhaps the organisation would like to get in contact because believe me, I have emailed them and not had any response, hence this very public notice of how controlling they continue to be.

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Larry Hickmott
VeloUK.net Publisher

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