Video: London Nocturne Huge Success

The London Nocturne in Smithfield London on Saturday night was a huge success with tens of thousands lining the course and watching six hours of bike racing. The hightlight of the evening was an amazing performance by Alex Dowsett of team Sky. Known for his love of Time Trialling, Alex used that to his advantage to lap a very high quality field and he then had the professionalism to hang back from the bunch and celebrate his victory arms aloft. The Elite Men’s criterium was just one of many races to keep the crowd banging the boards. The Penny Farthing races were for sure a highlight as was the Womens Crit won by Hannah Barnes and the Folding Bike races.

Event Press Release: Alex Dowsett wins Elite Criterium Race –
The IG Markets London Nocturne, the elite, night time inner city cycling event, celebrated another record breaking year with an estimated crowd of 10,000 packed around Smithfield Market on Saturday 11 June to witness an evening of extraordinary entertainment.   Now in its fifth year, The IG Markets London Nocturne, saw some of the worlds top riders battle it out across a series of spectacular races. The winners of this year’s races were:

• Alex Dowsett, Team Sky – Elite Men’s criterium winner
• Hannah Barnes, Motorpoint – Elite Women’s criterium winner
• Team Schroders – IG Markets Team Challenge winner
• David Rees, Brompton – Kansi Folding bike race winner
• Jim Sullivan, Brixton Cycles – Schwalbe Fixed Gear Longest Skid winner
• James Brailsford – Brooks Penny Farthing Race winner

James Pope, Founder of the Nocturne Series said: “2011 was another record breaking year for the IG Markets London Nocturne, with crowds of approximately 10,000 people over the course of the day.  There was some unbelievable racing with Alex Dowsett and Hannah Barnes picking up the top honours.  “From elite riders from World Tour teams to the fastest Folding Bike riders in the world, the event brings some of the best cycling talent around to the heart of the City of London and aims to appeal to anyone with any interest in cycling.”

The Elite Men’s Criterium was stormed by 21 year old Alex Dowsett (Team Sky) who led an incredible race from the front and lapped the peloton before the half way mark.  On the winner’s podium he commented: “The crowd were phenomenal, they really kept me going.  This is my kind of crit and I raced it like a track.  The first part was hell but when I saw the back of the bunch before me it all fell in to place.”

Hannah Barnes (Motorpoint) commented after her victory in the Women’s Elite Criterium: “I love the Nocturne events, the crowds and the atmosphere are unbeatable.  This is my third win at the Nocturne, which makes a hat-trick!”  The event will be screened at 19:00 on Friday 17 June on Sky Sports 2, and repeated over the weekend on Sky Sports 1.

Approximately 35,000 people have attended the Nocturne Series since its inception in 2007. Results for the main races follow the first pictures:

An impressive victory by Alex Dowsett who lapped the field solo …

James McCallum gets the better of Jack Bauer in the sprint for second.

The crowd was sveral people deep all the way round the circuit

The Folding Bike race again proved popular with the crowd.

British champion Hannah Barnes  celebrates victory for the second year in a row in the London Nocturne with Lucy Garner second and Helen Wyman 3rd.

Steve Calland romps home in the big bunch kick for the mens support race.

Lots of pomp and ceremony for the Penny Farthing races which were spectacular… costumes though would have been nice ;-)

The women are briefed before the starty of their race.

ALSO: Enclosed are links of some pictures that Maurice from MCJ Media has taken
IG Markets Smithfield Nocturne Elite Mens Criterium 11th June 2011 

IG Markets Smithfield Nocturne Elite Womens Criterium 11th June 2011

IG Markets Smithfield Nocturne Mens Support Criterium  June 2011


Elite Mens Criterium
1. Alex Dowsett, Team Sky
2. James McCallum, Rapha Condor Sharp @ 59 seconds
3. Jack Bauer, Endura Racing, st
4. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor Sharp, @1.02
5. Dean Downing, Rapha Condor Sharp
6. Ed Clancy, Rapha Condor Sharp
7. Jason White, Cycle Premier Metaltek
8. Tobyn Horton, Motorpoint
9. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing
10. Scott Thwaites, Endura Racing
11. Dean Windsor, Rapha Condor Sharp
12. Rafa Rodriguez, Twenty3C-Orbea
13. James Stewart, UK Youth
14. Leigh Howard, HTC High road
15. Steve Lampier, Sigma SportSpecialized
16. Jake Hales, Corley Cycles
17. Stephen Adams, Sigma Sport Specialized
18. Jeronne Janssen, Raleigh
19. Russell Hampton,  Sigma Sport Specialized
20. Will Bjergfelt, Motorpoint
21. Wouter Sybrandy, Sigma Sport Specialized
22. Russell Downing, Team Sky
23. Casey Munro, Rapha Condor Sharp
24. Dean Shannon, Twenty3C Orbea
25. Jamie Newall, Corley Cycles
26. Pet Williams, Motorpoint
27. Andrew Copue, Herballife Wheelbase
28. Matt Cronshaw, Raleigh
29. Lewis Atkins, Twenty3C Orbea
30. Cameron Meyer, Garmin Cervelo

Womens Criterium
1. Hannah Barnes, Motorpoint
2. Lucy Garner, Motorpoint
3. Helen Wyman, Horizon Fitness Prendas Ciclismo
4. Anni Simpson,  Horizon Fitness Prendas Ciclismo
5. Amy Roberts, For Viored Brookvex
6. Alice Barnes, Motorpoint
7.Nicola Juniper, Condor Cycles
8. Harriet Owen, Motorpoint
9. Hannah Manley,  For Viored Brookvex
10. Ella Sadler Andrews, Horizon Fitness Prendas Ciclismo
11. Rohan Battison, For Viored Brookvex
12. Julie Krasniak, For Viored Brookvex
13. Corrine Hall, Corridori
14. Estelle Rogers, Condor Cycles
15. Jo Mcrae, Look Mum no Hands

Support Race
1. Steve Calland, South Down Bikes
2. Chris Lawless, Maxgear
3. Stuart Spies, London Dynamo
4. Sam Humpheson, Look Mum No Hands
5. James Waite, pm
6. Joe Fox, Rapha Condor CC
7. Tao Geoghan Hart, Rapha Condor CC
8. Paul Sewell, Bigfoot CC
9. Mike debney, London Dynamo
10. Adam French, East London Velo

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