Results: Hog Hill Summer Series

Latest results from the Hog Hill Summer Series on 21st July at the Redbrdige Cycle Centre in North East London where there was a 1-2 for Twenty3C-Orbea with victory for Andrew Griffiths

It was a good nighs racing of high quality in the E/1/2 event where Twenty3c-Orbea crossed the line in first and second Andrew Griffiths and Dean Shannon. James Sale of the Eagle RC rode well to place himself 3rd amongst the sponsored riders. Tao Geoghegean-Hart, the youth rider from CC Hackney, rode to a careful 8th position in this Elite race, pending his trip to Turkey next week as a member of a British Youth Team. Good luck to him. Surely the weather will be good! In the 3/4/J race, Christian Cormack  (London Dynamo), finished a fine first well ahead of the field. Second and third went to Damien Foy (Eagle RC) gaining the advantage over Matt Briers (ELV), a newcomer and in his 3rd race.

Thanks to Leslie Everest for the report and results!

1        Andrew    Griffifths    Twenty3c-Orbea
2        Dean    Shannon    Twenty3c-Orbea
3        James    Sale    Eagle RC
4        Wojciech    Szlachta    Pasta Montegrappa – Zheroquadro
5        Rhys    Howells    Cycling Club Hackney
6        Jason    White – Metaltek
7        James    Jackson    RG Active RT
8        Tao    Geoghegean Hart    Cycling Club Hackney
9        Andy    Lyons    Twenty3c-Orbea
10        Anthony    Moye    CC Luton
11        Ian    Franklin    PCH UK Racing Team
12        Owen    Lake    Cambridge CC
13        Richard    Da Silva    Stevenage CC
14        Richard    Mason    London Dynamo/Prologue
15        Tom    Neale    Spalding CC
16        Clem    Berrill    Cycling Club Hackney
17        Andrew    Nichols    Cambridge Uni CC
18        Adam    French    East London Velo
19        Simon    Keen    Crest CC – Ilford
20        Michael    Barnes    Colourtech RT
21        Jonathan    Shuster    SDCC
22        Robert    Moore    Lnodon Phoenix CC
23        Nigel    Stephens    Finchley Racing Team
24        Ben    Lamb    Gateway CC
25        Jack    Steven    East London Velo
26        Philip    Murrell    Finsbury Park CC
27        Daniel    Snow    Glendene CC
28        James    Hawkins    GWR Team
29        Kevin     Knox    Vicious Velo
30        Gray    Turnock    Finsbury Park CC
31        David    Barnes    East London Velo
32        Darren    Cainey    East London Velo

1        Cristian    Cormack    London Dynamo/Prologue
2        Damien    Foy    Eagle RC
3        Matthew    Briers    East London Velo
4        Joe    James    Kingston Whls CC
5        Rhys    Keepence    Dulwich Paragon CC
6        Paul    Rattcliffe    Victoria CC
7        Ross    King    Velo Schils – Interbike RT
8        Mark    McCullagh    Dulwich Paragon CC
9        Huw    Watkins    London Dynamo/Prologue
10        Ben    Knapp    Dulwich Paragon CC
11        Edward    Francis    Kingston Whls CC
12        Ian    Miller    Dulwich Paragon CC
13        Matt    Pilgrim    Victoria CC
14        Rauf    Dean    London Phoenix CC
15        Robin    Parker    East Grinstead CC
16        William    McFarland    East London Velo
17        Jack    Allmand    Private Member
18        Iain    Boardman    Dulwich Paragon CC
19        Orlando    Lobo    Private Member