2011 National Youth Circuit Race Championships

Photos and results from the 2011 National Youth Circuit Race Championships which were held for the first time in Lister Park, Bradford, which has previously hosted the finish of a Tour of Britain stage.

The young champions of Britain made the British Youth Championships an extra special day with joy and tears as future stars realised their dreams of becoming champions. The day saw Lister Park blessed with bright sunshine burning bright on what has to be one of the hardest courses ever used but in the most picturesque of venues. Our thanks to  John Purdy for the results and to Carl Lawrenson for the plugs to the watching spectators.

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Category A Boys

Category A Girls

Category B Girls

Category B Boys

Category C

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Boys Cat B
1. James Ireson, Wolverhampton Wh
2. Jospeh Fy, Welwyn wheelers
3. Joey Walker, RST
4. Tom Weeds, Derby Mercy
5. Fabian Brennan, Sal Aye Cog Set
6. Tom Franklin, Hargroves Cycles
7. James Tapley, Cambridge
8. Nathan Draper, Royal London 360
9. Louis Modell, East London Velo
10. Jack Scritt, Wolverhampton Wh

Girls A
1. Keira McVitty, Kingscliff Flyers
2. Alice Barnes, Motorpoint
3. Bethany Hayward, Wewyn Wheelers
4. Amy Hill, Newport Velo
5. Rebecca Hunt, Cardiff Ajax
6. Emily Nelson, Halesowen
7. Louise Borthwick, Edinburgh

Girls C Championship
1. Charlotte Cole-Hossain, VC Londres
2. Jessica Roberts, Towy Riders
3. Megan James, Abergavenny RC
4. Lauren Murphy, Team Milton Keynes
5. Rhona Callander, Stirling Bike Club,
6. Lucy Byram, Holme Valley Wheelers
7. Helen Mitchell, Stirling BC
8. Georgie Hokins, VC Londres
9. Erica Byram, Holme Valley Wh
10. Lauren Dolan, Mid Devon CC

Boys C Championship
1. Daniel Tullet, Hargroves Cycles
2. Anthony Anderson, Kings
3. Charles Page, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4. Ryan White, 1st Chard Wheelers
5. Thomas Mein, MTS Cyclesport
6. Scott Hookway, Sherwood Pines
7. Isaac Wright, Preston
8. Thomas Pidcock, Aire Valley
9. Brad Dransfield, North Midlands
10. Sean Flynn, Edinburgh

Girls B Championship

Charlotte Broughton won this race alone after attacking late on and getting away with Megan Barker and then a few laps on, dropped the Maindy Flyers girl, leaving Charlotte to win the race alone.

1. Charlotte Broughton, Leicestershire RC
2. Megan Barker, Maindy Flyers @ 33
3. Abby-Mae Parkinson, Aire Valley RT
4. Henrietta Colbourne, Border City Wheelers
5. Grace Garner, Leicestershire RC
6. Eleanor Dickinson, Border City Wh
7. Lucy Shaw, Solihull CC
@ 1 lap
Abigail Dentus
Martha Gill
Bethany Coupland
Molly Maunders
Paige Milward
Lulu Bartlett

Youth A Boys
Chris Lawless won this in a two up sprint against Tao Geoghegan-Hart. Five riders escaped around halfway after an attacking but stop start first half of the race. The five remained together depite a few digs by Lawless until five from the end when Lawless really gave it full gas and rode clear while the other four looked at each other.

Tao Geoghegan-Hart though managed to escape the chasers and joined Lawless and the two came pass the finish line with a lap together  tightening their shoe straps in preparation for a sprint. Lawless knew he had been getting round the tight bend before the finish better than his rival and so he really went for it, coming round the corner clear and staying clear all the way to the finish where he admitted afterwards, this was a race he had been targetting all year. Defending champion Germaine Burton crashed on the final lap when in the group chasing third place.

1. Chris Lawless, Maxgear RT
2. Tao Geoghegan-Hart, Hackney CC
3. Jacob Scott, Planet X
4. Jake Kelly, Royal london360 iom
5. Callum Ferguson,Halesowen A&CC
6. Rob Westwood, Cwmcarn Paragon r.c
7. Kristian Woolf, Kings Cliff Flyers
8. Fabio Close, Team Velocity Racing
9. Ashley Dennis,VC Jubilee
10. Joe Kirkham, Vclongeaton
11. Ben Lamb, Gateway CC
12. Ben Chapman,Prestige velo
13. Gabriel Cullaigh,Holme Valley Wheelers
14. Tristan Robbins, Cardiff JIF
15. Joe Evans, Velocity/3in1/CNP
16. Maximilian Stedman,Palmer Park Velo
17. James Shaw, Heanor Clarion
18. Jake Alderman, On in All
19. Jack Sadler, Herbalife Wheelbase
20. Germain Burton, Team de Ver

Youth D Non-Championship Race
1. Ben Tulett, Palmer Park Velo
2. Keiran Morris, Mid Shropshire
3. Tosh Teare, Royal London 360
4. Matthew Egglestone, Beacon WHeelers
5. Billy Lazenby, East Bradford CC
6. Isaac Peatfield, Bolton
7. Tyler Koch, Bolton
8. Anna Armstrong, Border City wheelers
9. Sunnivah Rainbow, waterman
10. Ava-May Oxley, Wakefield

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