Result: Velo Club Barracchi Summer Road Race

It was a home win for Liam Gentry of Velo Club Baracchi when he and Lee Desborough escaped in the closing stages of the 2/3/4 road race

In a race where the biggest break had only 35 seconds Liam Gentry from the promoting club won the VCB Summer Road Race this morning with an attack with Lee Desborough in the final mile. They managed to stay clear of a closing bunch led in by Stephen Griffiths. What made it even more special for Liam was the fact it was his birthday!

More Photos from Mark Cozens

Photo: Mark Cozens –…071269_vcbW2ws

1. Liam Gentry Velo Club Baracchi
2. Lee Desborough St Ives CC
3. Steven Griffiths PCH UK
4. James Sale Eagle CC
5. Dan Crawley PCH UK
6. Martin Badell CC Luton
7. Johnathon Shuster Stowmarket CC
8. Nigel Stephens Finchley RT
9. Chris Guy Iceni Velo
10. Gavin Moore Stowmarket CC
11. Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC
12. Adam Keer Ipswich BC
13. Nathan Miller XRT
14. Steve Hurrell Strada Sport
15. Chris Sharrock Great Yarmouth CC

1st Prime: Neil Chapman Maldon & District CC
2nd Prime: Scott Cousins Maldon & District CC