Results: Hillingdon Tuesday Night Circuit races

Another win for Lewis Atkins of Twenty3C-Orbea at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit for the latest round of the Tuesday night circuit races

1  Lewis Atkins Twenty3C-Orbea 01:02:14
2  Nick Abraham BC Private st
3  Paul  Crook WDMBC/Beyond at 9secs
4  Alex Peterson at 11secs
5  Richard Prince Planet X at 12secs
6  Nick  Calverey Finchley RT st
7  Ginis Georges AO Ohzeae st
8  Stephen Bradbury st
9  Dan Maslin Prestige VC st
10  Marc Wilmot Team Quest st
11  Vincent Halpern st
12  Ian Cullen Mid Devon RC st
13  Luke Merrilees WyndyMilla st
14  Rory Townsend Prestige VC st
15  Alex Pantelides Twickenham CC st
16  Harry Strudley st
17  Tanveer Mann Rapha Condor st
18  Martin Dawkins Team Quest st
19  Ajglo Christeris Games Ellas st
20  Mike Diggins VC Peleton st
21  Paul Doel Team Quest / The Bike Shop st
22    Banjo Cycles st
23  George Withers Palmer Park Velo st
24  Phil Holloway Southend Wheelers st
25  Simon  Hewins Eagle RC st
26  Andrew Brown VC Peleton st
27  Francis  Cade Kingston Wheelers st
28  Adam Elderfield Team Quest / The Bike Shop st
29  Charlie Fawke Progressive Cycle Coaching st
30  Oliver Newlan Kingsnorth International st
31  Nigel Williams Python RT st
32  David Swan Dauphin Cycles RT st
33  Matthew Carden Team Quest / The Bike Shop st
34  Dave Gayler Kenton RC st

Category 3/4 race
1  Adam  Maris BC Private 00:51:12
2  Gareth  Thomas Kingston Wheelers st
3  Ed Irwin London Fire Brigade st
4     st
5  Andrew Granger Twickenham CC st
6  Rob Thatcher Sydenham Wheelers st
7  Eddie Leatham EVL-ON-TRI st
8  Marek Glowinski Velo Club Londres st
9     st
10  Paul Seddon EVL-ON-TRI st
11  Rory Campbell London Phoenix st
12  Clem Halpin Twickenham CC st
13  William Collins BC Private st
14  Nick  Glazier London Dynamo st
15  Martin Porter Thames Velo st
16  Phil Wilkinson GS Henley st
17  Mateusz Dykiert Twickenham CC st
18  George Kirkin Twickenham CC st
19  Alan Sherman Kingston Wheelers st
20  Peter Cornwall BC Private st