Round 1 of the Martyn Dobson Memorial Series

The first round of the Martyn Dobson Memorial Series kicked off on Tuesday in spectacular fashion.


The racing has moved this year from Croft Motor Circuit to the brand spanking new Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit off Marton Road; the venue is excellent for spectating and racing alike.

Youth Racing
The evening started with youth racing just like last year, with more than 20 kids from aged Under 8 all the way up to Under 16 taking part. With youth categories C,D & E racing for 8 laps, and A & B racing for 18 laps, there was an appropriate distance for all age groups!

The winners of each category were:

Boys A: James King
Girls A: Stephanie Hall

Boys B: Matthew Worton
Girls B: Emma Brady

Boys C: Thomas Mein
Girls C: Demi Hall

Boys D: Connor Eyeington
Girls D: Jemima Love

Boys E: Patrick Kilkullen

Senior Racing
The senior race was run as a handicap event as per last year, with the 3rd and 4th cats being give 1min and 1min20 start respectively on the scratch group. The race came back together fairly early, which led to Richard Meadows (Pendragon) taking the sprint for the green jersey from Jack Rees (Velo29) and Simon Baxter (Herbalife Wheelbase). Richard will struggle to maintain his lead in this competition as it is intended for the 3rd & 4th cat groups… the sprint will be brought forward next week so that the prize will go to the riders for whom it’s intended (Sorry scratch group!).

The race was truly exciting to watch from beginning to end, with strong attacks coming from Matt Kipling of Raleigh (last year’s series winner), Richard Meadows, Simon Baxter, Rob Carter (Velo29) and many others too numerous to mention.

In the end, a group of 9 riders escaped the field with less than 10 laps to go, consisting of Meadows, Carter, Rees, Kipling, Harry Tanfield (Wallis Cycles), David Johnson (Adept Prescision), James Alder (BlackHawkBikes), and Giles Pidcock (Epic Cycles). Just as it looked like the group might be caught, Richard Meadows launched a powerful attack which converted into an impressive solo victory. Just behind was the only rider to react instantly, Velo29′s Rob Carter, and taking the sprint for 3rd was Giles Pidcock who had already won a prime earlier in the race.

1: Richard Meadows (Pendragon)
2: Rob Carter (Velo29)
3: Giles Pidcock (Epic Cycles)
4: Harry Tanfield (Wallis Cycles)
5: David Johnson (Adept)
6: Marcus Smith (BlackHawk)
7: Jack Rees (Velo29)
8: James Alder (BlackHawk)
9: Matt Kipling (Raleigh)
10: Michael Dales (Velo29)

Well done to all who took part; please encourage your teammates to come ride next week, and your friends and family to come and watch. The racing was exciting, and with the excellent cakes and drinks on offer at the club house it would be a shame to miss out! See you all next week; Tuesday 2nd August at Prissick (the Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit).

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