Report: No Frills Racing at Tudor Grange Circuit

The sunny weather in Solihull attracted a good turnout to the no frills event at Tudor Grange Circuit.

Several spectators commented on the fast speed of the 4th cat race. The fast speed created a tough race for everybody, making it hard for a few riders to keep up, but also making it difficult for the riders trying to breakaway. The race ended in a group sprint with Michael Johnson (Stratford CC) crossing the line first.

1.    Michael Johnson- Stratford CC
2.    Paul Parkes- I Optix
3.    Chris Limberger- Plan B
4.    Richard Knott- Mercia CC
5.    Charles Brown- Kenilworth Wheelers
6.    Ewan Davidson- Mercia CC
7.    John Grayson- Wolverhampton Wheelers
8.    Chris Cleaver- Concorde CC
9.    Jonathan Webb- Gannet CC
10.    Simon Parker- Mercia CC

Michael Johnson and Paul Parkes. Photo by Hope Tranter

3rd Cats
Eighteen riders signed on for the 3rd cat race which was 50 minutes plus 10 laps. Right from the start the race featured breakaway after breakaway most of which contained eventual winner Christian Aucote (Mercia CC), who was certainly the most aggressive rider of the day. Mark Paveley (Solihull CC) and Gareth Whittall (Clay Cross RT) spent 7 laps off the front, but were caught just as the lap board with 10 to go came into play.

Jez Stone (Solihull CC) attacked just as the juncture was made and quickly grew a 20 second gap that looked like it could be the race winning move. Christian Aucote (Mercia CC) saw the risk and had the legs to bridge the gap on his own and crossed the line with plenty of time to enjoy his victory. Amazingly the two riders that had featured in the previous break (Gareth Whittall and Mark Paveley) had recovered enough to take 2nd and 3rd places.

1.    Christian Aucote- Mercia CC
2.    Gareth Whittall- Clay Cross RT
3.    Mark Paveley- Solihull CC
4.    Andy Jones- Wolverhampton Wheelers
5.    Tim Cummings- Forza Cycles
6.    Marc Flay- Kenilworth Wheelers
7.    Mike Greaves- Gannet CC
8.    Luke Churchus- Climb On Bikes
9.    Mike Betts- Vegeterian C&AC
10.    Cameron Foster- Zappi’s CC

Christian Aucote. Photo by Hope Tranter.

From the beginning of the elite 1/2/3 race, two riders attacked, working well together to quickly form a break, which proved to be the race winning move. In the first 20 minutes of the race, William Penn (Mammoth lifestyle) and David Saunders (Climb on Bikes) worked hard together to lap the group. The result was always going to be a formality as all they had to do was sit in the group while the other riders raced for 3rd place. There was another small breakaway group formed which sprinted for 3rd place, 3rd was taken by Andy Udall from Mammoth lifestyle.

1.    William Penn- Mammoth Lifestyle
2.    David Saunders- Climb On Bikes
3.    Andy Udall- Mammoth Lifestyle
4.    David Starkey- Born To Bike
5.    John Cooper- University of Manchester CC
6.    Joe Page- Team Echelon
7.    Rupert Beale- Beeline Bikes RT
8.    Lee Ward- Derby Mercury
9.    Nick Beale- Beeline Bikes RT
10.    Gareth Whittall- Clay Cross RT

William Penn and David Saunders – Photo by Hope Tranter – See all photos at

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