Paracycling Grand Prix of Wales 2011 Cancelled

This from the organiser … This morning I found out through a third party that British Cycling had decided to extend the Senior Track Nationals in Manchester to include Sunday 2nd October and hence clashing with ourselves in Newport.

As we where reliant on officials that are supporting this event to cover the Grand Prix, we are therefore left without a number of the top people needed to cover such a prestigious UCI event. Although guarantees where offered that additional volunteers would be found, with nations and individuals about to invest thousands of pounds on travel to Newport, we can’t take the risk of not having a full compliment of officials at such a World class event.

After five years of successful growth the decision to cancel wasn’t easy, but I hope you understand that this has been done with the best interest of the athletes in mind. I would like to end by thanking everyone who have supported the Grand Prix over the past five years! Thanks everyone, Neil Smith