Result: LVRC Over the Hill Criteriums

Veterans racing at the Redbridge Cycle Centre in North East London on July 31st

Overall Result Categories A/B/C/D
1st David Farrow Eagle R.C. A
2nd Dave Dickie Finchley R.T. D
3rd Trevor Whittock Lee Valley R.C. B
4th Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
5th Malcolm Jeffries V.C. Elan A
6th Nick Dibble Climb On Bikes A
7th James Conway Victoria C.C. B
8th Ian Wilson Finchley R.T. A
9th E. Cheristides Erme Ella (Greece) D
10th Martin Ryan Ford C.C. B
11th Nick Rossman Finchley R.T. A
12th Peter Arden Victoria C.C. A
13th Lee Rowe Finchley R.T. B
14th Vince Davison Victoria C.C. C
15th Julian Cunnington Condor Cycles C
16th Tony Wilkins Mareterra Bike Team D
17th Steve Smith Redbridge C.C. D
18th Sean Wright LVRC Private Member B
19th Chris Edwards Gateway Cycling D
20th Steve Green Ciclos Uno B
21st Carlito Rendora Eagle R.C. C
22nd Andrew Elderfield V.C. Revolution A
23rd Steve Fairchild Braintree Velo C.R.T. A
24th Paul Burgoine Finchley R.T. B
25th Colin Jinks Quest B
26th Russell Dore Gateway Cycling A
27th Pete Constable Interbike R.T. D
28th Maurice Bentley LVRC Private Member D
29th Danny Tape Southend Wheelers D

Primes: Nick Dibble, Jim Conway, Lee Rowe

Category ‘A’ (40-44yrs) Category ‘B’ 45-49yrs)
1st David Farrow 1st Trevor Whittock
2nd Malcolm Jeffries 2nd Martin Meades
3rd Nick Dibble 3rd Jim Conway

Category ‘C’ (50-54yrs) Category ‘D’ 55-59yrs)
1st Vince Davison 1st Dave Dickie
2nd Julian Cunnington 2nd E. Cheristides
3rd Carlito Rendora 3rd Tony Wilkins

Categories E/F/G/H (60yrs+)
1st Terry Devine Ciclos Uno E
2nd Ray Palin Mark Pickford/Eye Level E
3rd Dave Brown C.C. Luton E
4th Martin Hackley Team Jewson E
5th Olly MacPherson Dunfermline C.C. E
6th Colin Mannakee Glendene C.C. F
7th John Leitch Redhill C.C. F
8th Roger Hornsby G.S. Avanti F
9th Richard Williamson South Western R.C. F
10th David Smith G.S. Avanti F
11th John Duckworth V.C.Deal F
12th Fred Jefcoate Victoria C.C. G
13th Mick Curtis Corridori G
14th Roy Godbeer Southend Wheelers H
15th Stanley Franklin Medway velo E
16th Chas Wilde Eagle R.C. H
17th Ken Evans Ciclos Uno G

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