Result: Toachim House Grand Prix

Wojciech Szlachta has won the Toachim House Grand Prix in the SERRL on July 31st. Dave Hayward report & photos – Photos at

2011 Toachim House GP Tenterden Kent, sponsored by Toachim House Veterinary services.

There was a last minute change of course from the regular venue at Godmersham to Tenterden that caused a flurry of entrants making it a full field for the 134km race in the heart of Kent. With a healthy prize for the winner, it wasn’t long before the bunch was strung out as far as the eye could see. Anyone  with any serious intention of getting to the end of the course  first were putting the pressure on.

This race was going to stretch the fitness and ability, as each rider attacked and countered, snaking the bunch through the lanes, at any point it looked that a split might happen. It took two laps for a breakaway to finally build a lead of 30 seconds, but it looked fragile even though Tom Coupland (Sigma) Marcel Six (Twenty3c Orbea)  Mike Barns (ColourTech), Andy Doland (Team Toachim) with the Merilees brothers  (Wyndymilla) were working hard. On lap 4, the race had changed again after a crash near Tenterden splitting the bunch with over 20 riders clear of what was left of a chasing group. This time it looked more definite that this would contain the winner.

For some, the group was too big, and after a lull in the pace, there were fireworks as the action kicked off again as riders were not happy with others sitting on. Tom Copland took the initiative jumping away from the group and he was then joined by Pasta Montegrappa Zheroquadra’s  Wojciech Szlachta. The only other rider to spot the potential move was Chris MacNamara who made a later jump to get to Tom and Wojciech.

Moving away gently, there were more reactions from the 20 strong group but the gap had grown too far. Once the three hit the fast roads towards Appledore and the sound of the bell, they were out of sight but within the group of three,  who would take the initiative now as each rider was not confident on their sprint?

If there were mind games going on, it was not evident as the three worked really hard to maintain the gap for fear of being swamped by the chasing group before the finish. Four kilometres to go and the first and only move came from Wojciech Szlachta, jumping from behind as if sprinting for the line. Tom kicked to chase but Wojciech held the gap. With two kilometres to go, Wojciech was digging deep and this was going to be his biggest win of his career so far.

With in sight of the finish line, Wojciech left it as late as possible to throw his arms in the air and scream with delight deafening the spectators who clapped as he came past them. Tom held on for 3rd 10 seconds later followed by Chris MacNamara for 3rd. “For the last couple of weeks I’ve been going like a blocked toilet, so I’m pleased with that. My legs gave up when Tom and  Wojciech jumped away.” Chris Macnamara of Corley Cycles explained. “Not bad for being in all the moves today” was Tom Coupland’s reaction.

Chris Macnamara,  Wojciech Szlachta and Tom Copeland . Photos at

Photos at

1.    Wojciech Szlachta      Pasta Montegrappa – Zheroquadro
2.    Tom Copeland      Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team
3.    Chris Macnamara      team corley cervelo
4.    marcel      Twenty3c-Orbea
5.    Lewis Atkins      Twenty3c Orbea
6.    David Mclean      Pasta Montegrappa – Zheroquadro
7.    Nicolas Hutchings      CS Grupetto
8.    John Veness      Handsling Racing
9.    Alex Higham      Wyndymilla
10.    Luke Wallis      La Fuga-Sigma Sport
11.    Andy Betts      La Fuga Sigma Sport
12.    Henry Furniss      WyndyMilla/Maxifuel
13.    Nathan Russell
14.    DAVID SEAGER      Kingsnorth International
15.    Steven Griffiths      PCH UK Racing Team
16.    Robert McCarthy      Cycle Kingdom Race Team
17.    Toby Parnell      Cambridge University CC
18.    James Jones      Beeline Bicycles RT
19.    Shaun Duffield      Activ Cycles
20.    Adam Cotterell      WyndyMilla – Maxifuel
21.    Kevin Knox      Vicious Velo
22.    Marc Clothier      South Downs Bikes
23.    dean shannon      Orbea For Goodness Shakes!
24.    Luke Ryan      Team Toachim
25.    Allan Ridler      Team Cycle Kingdom
26.    Grant bayton      Wilier/Goselfdrive
27.    Gonzalo Rodriguez      East London Velo
28.    Rowan Dever      Pasta Montegrappa – Zheroquadro
29.    Justin Hoy      Felt-Colbornes RT
30.    Andrew Dolan      team toachim
31.    darren barclay      Arctic-Premier
32.    simon mcnamara      Southdowns Bikes
33.    John Heaton-Armstrong      Le Col
34.    John Wager      Felt-Colbornes RT
35.    David Barnes      East London Velo
36.    Michael Barnes      Colour-Tech RT
37.    Andy Waterman      ViCiOUS VELO
38.    Daniel Crawley      PCH UK Racing Team
39.    Matthew Theobalds      C.S. Grupetto
40.    Finn MacKinnon      Progressive Cycle Coaching Development Squad
41.    Michael Brown      Progressive Cycle Coaching Development Squad
42.    Adam Norris

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