Photos-Results: Preston Grand Prix

Results and the Live Photos from the Preston Grand Prix.

After the Horizon Fitness/Prendas team had done untold damage to the field from the start of the Women’s Circuit Race Championship, it was young Hannah Barnes who stole the jersey from them with a brave move at the final bend to surprise favourite Dani King and win her second title in a row in Preston.

The final round of the Elite Circuit Series was won by Ian Wilkinson of Endura Racing after a near race long break saw four riders fight out the finish in the centre of Preston. Wilkinson outsprinted James McCallum of Rapha Condor Sharp and Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized). World Junior Madison Champion Simon Yates was fourth.

One of the rides of the afternoon was Kristian House who followed up his victory in Spain yesterday with a lone move to break away from the peloton and almost cross to the break. A few more laps and who knows, the winner from 2010 may have had a say in where the win in 2011 went…


Women’s Circuit Race Championship
1. Hannah Barnes, Motorpoint
2. Dani King, Horizon Fitness Prendas Dolan
3. Hannah Richard, Horizon Fitness Prendas Dolan
4. Elinor Barker, Cardiff Ajax
5. Sarah Storey, Horizon Fitness Prendas Dolan
6. Corrine Hall, Team Corridori
7. Penny Rowson, Horizon Fitness Prendas Dolan
8. Sarah Byrne, Abergavenny RC
9. Harriett Owen, Motorpoint

@ 1 lap
Eve Dixon, Maxgear
Marriane Britten, VC ST Raphael
Hannah Walker, Motorpoint
Jessie Walker, RST Trigon
Gabriella Shaw, Fo Viored Brookvex
Laura Murray, Velocity 44
Brit Tate, Dirtwheels
Anna Ewing thebicycleworks
Anda-Jay Burgess, Sandy Wallace Cycles
Cerri Dipple, Twenty3C-Orbea
Louise Mahe, Mule Bar Girls
Sarah Smith, North Cheshire

Elite Circuit Series
1. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing
2. James McCallum, Rapha Condor Sharp
3. Tom Murray, Sigma Sport Specialized
4. Simon Yates, 100% ME
5. Kristian House, Rapha Condor Sharp
6. Stephen Adams, Sigma Sport Specialized
7. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor Sharp
8. Dean Downing, Rapha Condor Sharp
9. Tom Barras Cycle Premier Metaltek
10. Jon Mould, 100% ME
11. Mark Christian, 100% ME
12. Tom Moses, 100% ME
13. Jake Hales, Corely Cycles
14. Kit Gilham, Sigma Sport Specialized
15. Matt Gee, Raleigh
16. Richard Hepworth, Cycle Premier Metaltek
17. William Penn, Mammoth
18. Michael Smith Corley Cycles
19. Evan Oliphant, Endura Racing
20. Dave Clarke, Endura Racing
21. Dexter Gardias, Forme
22. Joe Kelly 100% me
23. Callum Wilkinson, Endura Racing
24. James Gullen, Team Walliss CHH
25. Alistair Kay, Herballife Wheelbase
26. 54
27. Dale Appleby, Cycle Premier Metaltek
28. Stephen Gallagher, Cycle Premier Metaltek

1 lap
Jamie Newall, Corley Cycles

1. Dean Downing
2. Dean Windsor


1    GARY    ADAMSON    science in sport
2    William    Worrall    TRCC Cycle Mart Continental
3    Martin    Woffindin    CSP
4    Daniel    Davies    Team wallis cycles
5    Robert    Ormrod    Manchester Wheelers
7    Nick    Armistead    Dirtwheels
8    Tom    Armstrong
9    Bill    Nickson    Bill Nickson Cycles RT
10    Julian    Pearson    Teamwallis CHH RT
11    Milan    Sihelsky    kuota gsg spinergy
12    Matthew    Flynn    Velocity 3-in-1 CNP
13    James    Claydon    SPORT CITY VELO
14    Graham    Payne    Whitfield RT
15    Simon    Winston    V.C. St Raphael
16    Andrew    Brind-Surch    VC st rapheal
17    Ashley    Clitheroe    Red Rose
18    Carwyn    Henson    ystwyth cc
19    Andrew    Pickering    lune rcc
20    Lee    Carter    ribble valley crc
21    Francis    Pilkington    Bill Nickson Cycles RT
22    Tom    Dalton    bill nickson cycles
23    Matt    Jones    New Brighton
24    Lee    Anderson    East Kilbride
25    Colin    James    Beacon Wheelers


1    Luc    Hall    Kuota
2    HENRY    HUNTER    Southport cc
3    Dylan    Kerfoot-Robson    Rhos on Sea CC
4    Levi    Moody    pedalsport cc
5    Matt    Flynn    Velocity 3-in -1 CNP
6    Ashley    Clitheroe    Red Rose Olympic
7    Matt    Gibson    Warrington Road Club
8    Gabriel    Cullaigh    Aire Valley RT
9    Joshua    Townson    Southport CC
10    Josh    Cutler    RST Racing Team
11    Jack    Robinson    Seamons CC
12    Jacob    Peatfield    Bolton Hot Wheels CC
13    Aaron    Adamson    bolton hot wheels
14    Mitchell    Cross
15    Jordan    Rigby    Ribble Valley Juniors
16    Lewis    Garrity    Base2Race
17    Joe    Westwood    Red Rose Olympic
18    Robert    Hall    Southport CC
19    Amy    Gornall    Cycle Sport Pendle

1    Joey    Walker    RST racing team – trigon
2    Fabian    Brennan    Salt Ayre Cog Set
3    James    Ireson    Wolverhampton Wheelers
4    Tomos    Owens    mid shropshire wheelers
5    Ryan    McGillick    Mossley CRT
6    Joseph    Peatfield    Bolton Hot Wheels CC
7    Megan    Barker    Maindy Flyers
8    Thomas    Figgins    Bolton Hot Wheels
9    Charlotte    Broughton    LRC
10    Ryan    Phillips    Wolverhampton Wheelers
11    Eleanor    Dickinson    Beacon Wheelers
12    Alex    Foster    Border City Wheelers
13    Henrietta    Colborne    Beacon Wheelers
14    Harry    Craig    Border City Wheelers
15    Ffion    James    Abergavenny RC
16    Harmonie    Waterman    KCA
17    Seth    Waterman    KCA
18    Martha    Gill    Bolton Hot Wheels
19    Caitlin    Flynn    Salt Ayre Cog Set
20    Rosa    Martin    BYCA
21    Joely    Side    Bolton Hot Wheels

1    Tomos    Owens    mid shropshire wheelers
2    Thomas    Humphrey    Wakefield Junior Triathlon
3    Nathan    Hawthorn    Cycle Sport Pendle
4    Alistair    Leivers    BYCA
5    Solomon    Kerfoot-Robson    Rhos on Sea CC
6    Megan    James    Abergavenny RC
7    Tyla    Loftus    Salt Ayre Cog Set
8    Dexter    Sparrow    BYCA
9    Bailey    Johnson    Salt Ayre Cog Set
10    Samuel    Rathbone    EASTLANDS VELO
11    Adam    Riley    Salt ayre
12    Jake    Fabi    Beacon Wheelers
13    Ethan    Robertson    Salt Ayre Cog Set
14    Mason    Hollyman    KCA
15    Tiras    Waterman    KCA
16    Hermione    Cullaigh    Holme Valley Wheelers
17    Kayleigh    Eggleston    Beacon Wheelers
18    Corinne    Side    Bolton Hot Wheels

1    Matthew    Egglestone    Beacon Wheelers
2    Ava may    Oxley szilaggi    wakefield jnr tri club
3    Tyler    Koch    Bolton Hot Wheels cc
4    Henry    Hollyman    KCA
5    Oliver    Mashiter    Furness Future Flyers
6    Isaac    Peatfield    Bolton Hot Wheels CC
7    Noah    Egan    BYCA
8    Sunnivah    Waterman    KCA
9    Ben    Hamilton    Salt Ayre Cog Set
10    Mia    Johnson    Salt Ayre Cog Set
11    Shannon    Hawthorn    Cycle Sport Pendle
12    Joseph    Rathbone    EASTLANDS VELO
13    Barnaby    Walkingshaw    Beacon Wheelers
14    Luke    Shepherd    BYCA
15    Zac    Hall    PM
16    Benjamin    Mashiter    Furness Future Flyers
17    Chloe    Loftus    Salt Ayre Cog Set
18    Elphina    Waterman    KCA
19    Sam    Kendall    Liverpool Century RC
1    Benjamin    Peatfield    Bolton Hot Wheels CC


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