Report: Neil Gardner Memorial

Tim Allen wins the memorial race to CC Luton’s Neil Gardner at the race on the Cublington circuit in Buckinghamshire

CC Luton’s promotion of the 11th edition of this race in memory of former GB Team Manager and club founder, Neil Gardner, took place over four and a half laps of the undulating course around Stewkley and Cublington in Buckinghamshire.

Taking a slight step back from last year’s event which formed the Central Division Championship, the race attracted a good entry of 2nd, 3rd and 4th category riders with 75 riders making the start. With a hill-top prime located at the finish line in Cublington on each lap, the peloton remained attentive to any breaks forming, and 20-year-old Tim Allen (Cyclesport / Pygott & Crone) showed his hand early on by taking the 1st and 3rd primes.

Team Corley Cycles’ rider Jack Waller was also in the early action taking the 2nd prime. Despite the stiff breeze affecting the more exposed parts of the course, it wasn’t until the penultimate lap that a break managed to get any leeway from the bunch, with eight riders forging a 10-20 second advantage, including the promoting club’s own James Fox who duly took the last prime on lap four.

However the break were unable or unwilling to commit, and the race came back together for a hill-top bunch sprint between the remaining 51 riders. Tim Allen once again showed clear intent by leading for the final 100 metres and taking the win by a couple of lengths from CC Luton’s Mike Jackson who was unable to give himself an early birthday present.

With one prime and 2nd place already in the bag, CC Luton also did well in the minor prizes taking both 1st Third Category rider (Gavin Rumbles in 19th place) and 1st Fourth Category rider (former GB squad rider Martin Badell on the comeback trail in 12th place). Gray Turnock (Finsbury Park CC) rounded out the prize winnings as First Veteran.

Richard Mead, Race Organiser – Cycle Club Luton

1    Tim Allen    Cyclesport / Pygott & Crone
2    Mike Jackson    CC Luton
3    Mark Baines    Spirit Racing Team
4    Phil Starr    Python RT
5    Jack Waller    Team Corley Cycles
6    David Palmer    Renault Rotor Colbert RT
7    Michael Cowland    St Ives CC
8    Gray Turnock    Finsbury Park CC
9    Christopher Dredge    Team Milton Keynes
10    Daniel Crawley    PCH UK Racing Team
11    Rhys Howells    CC Hackney
12    Martin Badell    CC Luton
13    James Fox    CC Luton
14    Tim Carter    Team Virgin Active
15    James Norris    High Wycombe CC
16    Oliver Glackin    East London Velo
17    Matthew Connet    Banjos Cycles
18    Edward Ashby    None
19    Gavin Rumbles    CC Luton
20    Roger Prior    Team Zappi
21    Justin Belcher    Banbury Star CC
22    Adam Brittain    High Wycombe CC
23    Andrew Brown    VC Peloton
24    Rob Yeatman    Team Jewson
25    Neil Edwards    None
26    Douglas Coleman    Anders TMG
27    Richard Price    London Phoenix CC
28    Mike Ward    Ride 24/7
29    Henry Latimer    Zappi’s Cycling Club
30    Robert Samuel    Crest CC Ilford
31    Nigel Williams    Python RT
32    Chris Grange    Hemel Hempstead CC
33    Luke Souter    Banbury Star CC
34    Mark Williams    Python RT
35    Jonathan Shubert    Ystwyth CC
36    Liam Stones    45 Road Club
37    Wayne Maguire    PCH UK Racing Team
38    Gregg Payne    Rockingham Forest Wheelers
39    Ross Mallen    Royal Air Force CC
40    Simon Henley    Team Corley Cycles
41    Ian Samuel    Crest CC Ilford
42    James Foster    Team Quest
43    Jamie Scott    Renault Rotor Colbert RT
44    Sean  Dines    Team Virgin Active
45    Paul Brown    CC Luton
46    Robert Stimpson    Python RT
47    Sam Lawson    Team Virgin Active
48    Ian Franklin    PCH UK Racing Team
49    John Peters    CC Luton
50    Mark Porter    Glade CC
51    Darren Cainey    East London Velo
52    Glenn  O’Brien    CC Luton

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