Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

The latest round of the Brooks Cycles Track League at Newcastle under Lyme was held as normal after a forecast of rain never materialised and the 50 riders were attended were rewarded with a full programme of racing.The sprint races saw Barney Swinnerton of Science in Sport top score with 8 points in winning the team sprint, 200m time trial and the sprint final. These points also saw him re-take the overall lead in the sprinters league table.

The A class endurance saw Robert Lambton, Brooks Cycles increase his overall lead as he scored 7 ½ points in winning the opening 8 lap scratch and the course de primes race. Alex Simmons, Lyme RC also showed well in winning the 10 mile scratch and a second place in the 8 lap scratch.

The B League saw the best turnout of the groups with Jack Fearon, Weaver Valley CC taking full advantage of the top six riders in the league being absent as he scored 8 points in winning the 8 lap and 10 mile scratch events.
The Youth races saw Joel Partington continue to dominate the league as he won all four races and in doing so take his points total for the year over 100 .

We are now into the holiday season but there was still a healthy turnout of 21 riders with two new riders making this the most successful season so far in the history of this competition at Newcastle. The top point’s scorers in each league were as follows;

Group 1 Bradley Hill  Lyme RC    6 points
Group 2 Sam Hall       9 points
Group 3 Finlay Edwards, Sebastian Booth and Ellie Bloomer 9 points

Group 1
Race 1
1st Bradley Hill    Lyme RC
2nd Kieran Morris    Mid Shropshire Wheelers
3rd Megan Williams   Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Megan Williams
2nd Kieran Morris
3rd Bradley Hill

Race 3
1st James Meah
2nd Brandon McMillan   Lyme RC
3rd Bradley Hill

Group 2
Race 1
1st Sam Hall
2nd Hollie Mulroy    Congleton CC
3rd Orlanda Jones

Race 2
1st Sam Hall
2nd Orlanda Jones
3rd Hollie Mulroy

Race 3
1st Harry Ford
2nd Sam Hall
3rd Niamh Harris

Group 3
Race 1
1st Finlay Edwards
2nd Jack Davies
3rd Sebastian Booth

Race 2
1st Holly Chatterton    Lyme RC
2nd Natasha Sandbach
3rd Sebastian Booth

Race 3
1st Ellie Bloomer     Lyme RC
2nd Lewis Hubball
3rd Oliver Cashmore

Youth 200m TT
1st Joel Partington    Lyme RC
2nd Conner Fearon    Weaver Valley CC
3rd Sallie Birchall     Lyme RC

A Class Endurance 8 lap scratch
1st Robert Lambton    Brooks Cycles
2nd Alex Simmons     Lyme RC
3rd Barry Charlton    Lyme RC

B Class 8 Lap Scartch
1st Jack Fearon     Weaver Valley CC
2nd Max Gethin     Hasren CC
3rd Neil Clarke     VC Nottingham

Youth Devil
1st Joel Partington
2nd Sallie Birchall
3rd Conner Fearon

A Sprinters Team Sprint
1st Barney Swinnerton    Science in Sport
Sean Mayer     Lyme RC
Louis Preston     Lyme RC

A Sprinters 200m TT
1st Barney Swinnerton    11.96
Sean Mayer
3rd Tom Powell     12.00

Youth Points
1st Joel Partington
2nd Sallie Birchall
3rd Conner Fearon

A Endurance Course De Primes
1st Robert Lambton
2nd Barry Charlton

B Class Course de Primes
1st Sam Birchall     Velocity RT
2nd Neil Clarke

A Sprinters Sprint Final
1st Barney Swinnerton
2nd Tom Powell     Newcastle RC 2001
3rd Sassan Emadi     Tunstall Wheelers

Youth Scratch
1st Joel Partington
2nd Conner Fearon
3rd  Ashleigh Williams    Lyme RC

10 Mile Scratch
1st Alex Simmons
2nd Barry Charlton
3rd Robert Lambton

B Class
1st Jack Fearon
2nd Neil Clarke
3rd  Sam Birchall

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