Results: Science in Sport Criterium League

Results from round 19 of the Science in Sport Criterium League on the 11th of August where Dexter Gardius of the Forme team won the main race

1    Dexter Gardius    Forme
2    Robert Smail    Cycle Premier / Metaltec
3    Richard Bott    Herbalife / Wheelbase
4    John Crellin    Manchester Wheelers
5    Andy Coupe    Herbalife / Wheelbase
6    Andrew Udall    Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
7    Jack Adams    Forme
8    Craig Battersby    Team Bglobal
9    Chris Sherriffs    Team Bglobal
10    Shane O’Neill    Team Bglobal
11    Dillon Byrne    Herbalife / Wheelbase
12    Tom Armstrong    Wheelbase / Cannondale
13    Chris Latham    Planet X
14    Russell Falder    Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
15    Tom Dalton    Bill Nickson Cycles
16    Sean Farraday    Aire Valley Cycles
17    Gary Spencely    Biketreks RT
18    Hugh Carthy    Jewson MI Racing
19    Rob Ormrod    Manchester Wheelers
20    Martin Woffindin    Cycle Sport Pendle
21    Jack Pullar    Vanilla bikes. Com
22    Paul Ray    H Middleton CC
23    Will Fox    Forme
24    Dave Clarke    Endura RT
25    Andrew Brind-Surch    VC St Raphael
26    Graeme Rose    JD Cycles

Category 3/4
1 Matt Gibson Warrington RC
2 Patrick Pennepather VC Cumbria
3 Jack Sadler Herbalife / Wheelbase
4 Dave Christian Liverpool Century
5 Paul King Border City Wheelers
6 Philip Hargreaves VC Norwich
7 Joe Larner Edinburgh RC
8 Geoff Burgess Stockport Clarion CC
9 Andrew Stott Liverpool Mercury

1    Jack Robinson    A    Seamons CC
2    Mark McGavock    A    Ribble Valley Juniors
3    Jacob Peatfield    A    Bolton Hot Wheels
4    Samuel Pickering    A    PM
5    Connor French    A    Cycle Sport Pendle
6    Joe Westwood    A    Red Rose Olympic
7    Austin Pilkington    A    Cycle Sport Pendle

1    Ryan McGillick    B    Mossley CRT
2    Matthew Walls    B    Velocity 3in1 CNP
3    Joseph Peatfield    B    Bolton Hot Wheels
4    Thomas Figgins    B    Bolton Hot Wheels
5    Tom Clarke    B    Red Rose Olympic
6    Jack Bailey    B    Bolton Hot Wheels
7    Bill Cooper    B    Red Rose Olympic
8    Harry French    B    Cycle Sport Pendle
9    Bailey Paine    B    Cycle Sport Pendle

1    Nathan Hawthorn    C    Cycle Sport Pendle
2    Alistair Leivers    C    Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
3    Dexter Sparrow    C    Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
4    Sam Rathbone    C    Eastlands Velo
5    Andrew Hathaway    C    Bolton Hot Wheels
6    Tom Stewart    C    Southport CC
7    Owen Dillworth    C    PM
8    Connor Richardson    C    PM

Category D/E
1    Tristan Pilling    D    Middleton CC
2    Addam Hathaway    D    Bolton Hot Wheels
3    Tyler Koch    D    Bolton Hot Wheels
4    Alfie Payne    D    Cycle Sport Pendle
5    Joseph Rathbone    D    Eastlands Velo
6    Shannon Hawthorn    D    Cycle Sport Pendle
1    Benjamin Peatfield    E    Bolton Hot Wheels
2    Joe Stewart    E    Southport CC