Photos!: London-Surrey Cycle Classic

The Olympic test event for Road Cycling is underway and we have some wonderful photos from Cheryl King … see more from Cheryl — |

Mark Cavendish, still wearing the Green glasses from winning the Green jersey at the Tour de France … will be head the race back home.

James Moss, Alax Blain, Evan Oliphant, Dave Clarke and Ian Wilkinson are presented to the press…

Mark Cavendish all smiles in GB kit at the start … green doesn’t seem to go .. maybe he should have worn the Green Sky kit — would that have been premature I wonder…

Olympic champion Ed Clancy signs on …

Race lines up and the Aussies are on the front already as are the Germans and Belgians.

Endura Racing’s David Clarke signs on watched by Trevor Hughes and Evan Oliphant.

A favourite of Cheryl’s, former World Champion Tom Boonen.

Heads down for Andy Tennant and Ian Bibby with Graham Briggs also pictured.

The Wirral’s Stephen Cummings riding for England and signing on this morning.