Result: Python Racing Team Summer Road Race

Solo win for Team Milton Keynes rider Richard Wood in today’s  Python Racing Team Summer Road Race

Richard Wood of Team Milton Keynes made a fine effort to win on his own having ridden the last nine mile lap solo. He was the only survivor of a nine man escape group that was away for much of the race and which was re-absorbed shortly after the bell.

A crash at 500 metres to go marred the finish slightly for the bunch but Richard was sufficiently clear by then for the winner to be unaffected. Approximate winner’s time was a pretty quick 3.25 min for 87 miles


1.  Richard Wood – Team Milton Keynes
2.  Toby Neave – Cannondale RT
3.  James Fox – CC Luton
4.  Flavio Zappi – Team Zappis
5.  Tony Gibb – Cycle Premier-Metaltek
6.  Justin Hoy – Felt-Colbournes RT
7.  Paul Crook – Beyond Mountain Bikes
8.  Lewis Atkins – Twenty3c-Orbea
9.  Ian Rees – Willier-Go Self Drive
10.  Mike Smith – Team Corley Cycles
11.  James Jones – Beeline Cycles
12.  Stephen Adams – Sigma Sport RT
13.  Allan Ridler – Cycle Kingdom RT
14.  Jeremy Lowsley-Williams – Team UK Youth
15.  James Stewart – Team UK Youth
16.  Gavin Rumbles – CC Luton
17.  Chris Snook – Banjo Cycles
18.  Tom Kirk – Team Zappis
19.  Filip Rudenstam – Team UK Youth
20.  Pete Wager – Felt-Colbornes RT