Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

It rained all day around the North Staffordshire area except for the area where the Newcastle Velodrome is situated in the Lyme Valley and where the Brooks Cyclings Track League is held. This rain no doubt affected the turnout of riders which was down on previous record highs however the riders who did attend were rewarded in an almost full programme, only being cut short of the usual 10 mile at the end due to a rain shower.

The two main sprinters competitions, the 500m handicap and the Keirin league were contested with so close racing produced. In the handicap league, Ryan Whatmough, Shepherd Cycles made good use of his middle mark to take the win from Louis Preston, Lyme RC and Joffie Houlton . In the Keiren final league leader Barney Swinnerton took a good win from Robert Lambton, Brooks Cycles  and Sassan Emadi Tunstall Wheelers.

Robert Lambton again scored highly in the endurance league as he won the Australian Pursuit and the points race. Alex Simmons, Lyme RC also had a good night in his second places in the scratch races and the Australian pursuit.

The B Class races saw Sam Birchall, Velocity RT show a return to form following his broken collarbone as he won the 10 lap scratch and team sprint along with a second place in the 8 lap scratch. Alex Webb, Lyme RC also scored highly as he won the 8 lap scratch.

Joel Partington, Lyme RC took his score in the overall table above 100 points as he won the block handicap, scratch and devil. Paige Millward also took three second places and also was the winner of the team sprint with Sallie Birchall and Ashleigh Williams, both of Lyme RC.

The freewheelers league saw the holiday season and the weather hit the numbers however the riders who attended raced superbly. The top points scorers were as follows;
Group 1         Megan Williams          Lyme RC                                  6 points
Kieran Morris               Mid Shropshire Whrs           6 points

Group 2         Alex Coates                                                                   9 points

Group 3         Ellie Bloomer                Lyme RC                                6 points


Group 1

Race 1

1st     Megan Williams                        Lyme RC
2nd     Kieran Morris                           Mid Sropshire Wheelers
3rd     James Heath

Race 2
1st     Brandon McMillan                        Lyme RC
2nd     James Heath
3rd     Bradley Hill                                    Lyme RC

Race 3
1st     Kieran Morris
2nd     Megan Williams
3rd     Bradley Hill

Race 4
1st     Kieran Morris
2nd     Bradley Hill
3rd     James Heath

Group 2

Race 1
1st     Sam Hall
2nd     Alex Coates
3rd     Harry Ford

Race 2
1st     Alex Coates
2nd     Sam Hall
3rd     Harry Ford

Race 3
1st     Harry Ford
2nd     Alex Coates
3rd     Sam Hall

Race 4
1st     Sam Hall
2nd     Harry Ford
3rd     Alex Coates

Group 3

Race 1
1st     Harvey Morrey
2nd     Ellie Bloomer                                   Lyme RC

Race 2
1st     Ellie Bloomer
2nd     Harvey Morrey

Race 3
1st     Ellie Bloomer
2nd     Harvey Morrey

Race 4
1st     Harvey Morrey
2nd     Ellie Bloomer


A and B 10 lap warm up race
1st     Barney Swinnerton                          Science in sport
2nd     Ryan Whatmough                          Shepherd Cycles
3rd     Sean Mayer                                      Lyme RC

Youth Block Handicap
1st     Joel Partington                               Lyme RC
2nd     Paige Millward                              Lyme RC
3rd     Sallie Birchall                                 Lyme RC

A endurance 8 lap scratch
1st     Adrian Adgar                                    Balanced Permannce
2nd     Alex Simmons                                 Lyme RC
3rd     Robert Lambton                             Brooks Cycles

B 8 lap scratch
1st     Alex Webb                                       Lyme RC
2nd     Sam Birchall                                    Velocity RT
3rd     Neil Cummins                                  PM

Youth  Devil
1st     Joel Partington                                 Lyme RC
2nd    Paige Millward                                  Lyme RC
3rd     Sallie Birchall                                 Lyme RC

Neil Potter 500m handicap League
1st     Ryan Whatmough
2nd     Louis Preston                                   Lyme RC
3rd     Joffie Houlton                                  PM
4th     Phil Houlton                                    Newcastle RC 2001
5th     Alex Taylor                                     Sportcity Velo
6th     Sassan Emadi                                    Tunstall wheelers

A Endurance scratch
1st     Andy Jackson                                    i Optix RT
2nd     Alex Simmons
3rd     Joffie Houlton

B Devil
1st     Neil Cummins
2nd     Sam Birchall
3rd     Neil Clarke                                     VC Nottingham

A Sprinters Team sprint
1st      Barney Swinnerton
Louis Preston
Phil Houlton

Youth team sprint
1st     Paige Millward
Sallie Birchall
Ashleigh Williams

B Class Team sprint
1st     Sam Birchall
Alex Webb

A Class endurance points
1st     Robert Lambton
2nd     Adrian Adgar
3rd     Alex Simmons

Youth Scratch
1st     Joel Partington
2nd     Paige Millward
3rd     Ashleigh Williams

Keiren Final
1st     Barney Swinnerton
2nd     Robert Lambton
3rd     Sassan Emadi
4th     Sean Mayer
5th     Joffie Houlton
6th     Ryan Whatmough

A Endurance Australian Pursuit
1st     Robert Lambton
2nd     Alex Simmons
3rd      Adrian Adgar

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