Result: Spiritbikes Summer Road Race

Home victory for the Spirit Racing Team as Mark Baines solo’s in to win the 2/3/4 race over 50 miles of the little circuit at Cranfield.

1. Mark Baines, Spirit Victory
2. Jack Waller, Corley Cycles
3. Tim Allen, Cyclesport
4. Liam Stones, A45 RC
5. Daniel Harris, Halesowen
6. Mike Jackson, CC Luton
7. Todd Hotthkiss, Stourbridge
8. Harry Littlechild, London Dynamo
9. Paul Bennett, Metaltec RC
10. Nigel Hobday, Cambridge CC
11. Andrew Brown, Velo Club Peloton
12. Ross Mallan, Royal Air Force
13. Chris Boot, Team Zappi
14. Matthew Connor, Banjo Cycles
15. Wayne Mcguire, PCH

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