Report: York Circuit Races

In one of the most exciting circuit races of the year, Ed Clancy defied the odds in Motorpoints favour by winning the circuit race in York.

Motorpoint arrive with strength in quality and numbers while Rapha lined up with just two, Olympic champion Ed Clancy and British champion Graham Briggs. Jeroen Janssen of Raleigh was also there. From the gun the race was on with Ian Bibby attacking followed a lap later by Jonny McEvoy. Graham Briggs them got involved and soon three riders were away and it was quality — Briggs, Bibby and McEvoy.

As ever, the understated celebration of an Olympic champion, Ed Clancy.

Clancy then jumped away and soon the lead group was made up of eight riders; Clancy, Briggs, Bibby, McEvoy, Pete Williams, Stuart Reid, Jerone Janssen, and a talented youngster by the name of Daniel Storey. Itw as at this point the race settled down and it was looking like it was going to become a procession but that all changed at halfway when Motorpoint went on the offensive.

Bibby one lap, McEvoy the next, then Williams and then all over again when they came to nothing. The sticking point for Rapha was Motorpoints insistence on getting two in the break of three and Clancy admitted afterwards that had it been just him or another from Motorpoint or Briggs and one of the Motorpoints, the race would have been quite different.

But, while ever Motorpoint tried to get two to Rapha’s one in the lead, Clancy would chase them down and the final quarter of the race was truly brutal for the eight breakaway riders. In the close laps, that brutality of Motorpoint and Rapha going head to head in attacking each other, saw two riders from both teams contest the win. Bibby made the move down the back straight hoping to get the jump on Clancy but the Olympic champion was too quick and he went over the top of Bibby’s move and crossed the line, arm in the air and winner for the second year in a row by a Rapha rider.

More from the race later…

After the folding bike race, there was some Youth racing and fast and furious that was to kick off the proper racing!

In the 3-4 race, Phil Malt was away on his own for a long time before being joined by Jordan Skinner and Mike Moss. These three rode away from the rest and in the sprint for the line, Malt was to fast for young Skinner with the expereinced Moss in third.

It may not have been a national series event but it still had the national champion, Graham Briggs, on the line.

Young Daniel Storey looked impressive in such a quality break.

Motorpoint did not win but not because they didn’t try! They attacked and attacked and attacked in the final half of the race but Clancy was too fast.
Live Photos from York!

1. Ed Clancy, Rapha Condor Sharp
2. Ian Bibby, Motorpoint, St
3. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor Sharp
4. Pete Williams, Motorpoint
5. Stuart Reid, Herballife Wheelbase
6. Jonny McEvoy, Motorpoint
7. Daniel Storey, Sheffrec
8. Jerone Janssen, Raleigh
9. Malcolm Elliot, Motorpoint
10. Andy Coupe, Herbalife WHeelbase
11. Dan Smith, Velo29
12. Will Fox, Forme
13. Alex Bottomley,
14. James Sampson, Motorpoint
15. Nathan Wilson, Wilsons wheels
16. Robb Orr, Forme
17. James Sharpe, York Cycle works
18. Chris Mark, Velo29
19. Jack Adams, Forme
20. Danny Calthorpe, Rutland CC
21. Simon Baxter, Herbalife WHeelbase
22. Tom Bustard, Sportscover

Support Race (Cat 3/4)
1. Phil Malt, VC Lincoln
2. Jordan Skinner, Dinnington RC
3. Mike Moss, Private member
4. JohDoherty VS Cycles
5. Phil Wilkins, Jewson
6. Lee Brown, Holme Valley Wheelers
7. Joseph White, Private member
8. Nick Copeland We love mountains
9. Peter Fielding Smith Richardsons RT
10. Tom Garwell Dirtwheels

1. Jack Sadler, Herbalife
2. Gabriel Cullaigh Aire Valley
3. Levi Moody, Dirtwheels

Girl: Naomi Johnston

Youth B
1. Joey Walker, RST
2. Jess Willett, Heanor Clarion
3. Jake Dobson Newcastle

Girl: Harmonie Waterman

Live Text Updates
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