Report: Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club

Graham Robins writes … The 32nd Annual Autumn Road Race (League of Veteran Cyclists) was held on the challenging Portsdown circuit overlooking Portsmouth.

The course was 8.5 miles and the race was split into several age categories ranging from 40 years old up to the over 70 years age group. These races were dedicated to the memory of Mike Wilson, Peter Rigby and Derek Witt, three local riders and the respective widows were there on hand to support the racing.

A total of 63 entries were sorted and the groups were staggered by 5 minutes to keep them separated from the group in front. The A&B group were to complete seven complete laps (64.5 miles). The C&D group six full laps (55 miles) and the E, F, G&H groups were to complete five full laps (46.5 miles) As the race started there was a small shower but this only lasted a couple of minutes and then then sun came out and the temperature soon climbed along with the humidity.

Photos: Graham Robins –

1st Mike Garth Litchfield Road Club
2nd Connor O’Brien

1st Roland Tilley
2nd Paul Caton Andres TMG Horizon
3rd John Alderman CiclistVechi

1st Robert Cranstone CiclistVechi
2nd Martin Hulbert VC Meudon
3rd Robin Haigh Seamons C.C.
Robert also won the Peter Rigby Shield

1st Andrew Donaldson Ferryhill/Mountain High
2nd Peter Wilson Bounemouth Arrow, Collingwood
3rd Jerry Bromyard  RN RMCA
Andrew won the Mike Wilson Plaque

1st Don Parry Team Corley Cervelo
2nd Dave Brown C.C Luton
3rd Dave Woods C.C.Luton
Don won the Derek Witt Plaque

1st Bill Cotton Belper B.C.
2nd Barry Jones Cycles Dauphin
3rd John Ginley Condor Road Club

1st Ken Haddon Bush Health Care
2nd Doug McDonald Sierra Espuna C.C.

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