Report: Surrey League Goodwood

Graham Robins reports on the racing at Goodwood on Sunday, 4th September  where there was a win for Felix English

Photos: Graham Robins (

Today’s race was held at the Goodwood motor racing circuit in West Sussex and promoted by VC St Raphael. The morning was dry but very windy, and it was this wind that brought the rain towards the circuit towards the end of the first races and for most of the remainder of the days racing.

The morning got underway with a race for 4th cats and they were shortly followed by the women. The men were to do 13 laps and the women 12. There were 25 men and 12 women with a minute gap between them. The races was fairly un exciting with the men attacking for most of the race but all attempts came to nothing as they were pulled back quickly.

With just over a lap to go, the rain started to fall quite heavily and both races finished in the rain. The women rode around in a bunch until the last few hundred meters and the men’s race only opened up with about 500 meters to go.
The race for the 3rd cats was held entirely in heavy rain, while several attacks were made, these were also pulled back. Several times a small group of about five riders got a few seconds but again they were pulled back. With a couple of laps to go, the main break of the race was selected and a group of seven riders pulled enough of a gap to stay away. With 200 meters to go Mark Mazewski (Bayeux Landscapes) pulled away to take the win by a few meters.

With the rain still falling quite heavily, the E/1/2 race got underway on the first of 21 laps. On the first lap, five riders pulled out a lead of 30 seconds but by time they came back round again, they were all together again. For several laps, a few riders attacked pulled others across with them but none of these were to stick.

At the five laps completed stage, five riders pulled away and held a forty second gap but again this came to no avail. As the race completed the nine lap mark, the race deciding break went away, and it was a strong group of five riders in it. The five riders to get away were Simon Brookes (VC St Raphael), Paul Pickup and Andres Christensen (Cycle Kingdom), Felix English (Science in Sport) and Brock Duncombe-Rogers (Progressive Cycle Coach).

With six laps to go, the lead group had a gap of 26 secs and this gap went out to 40 secs. The bunch was trying to pull this back though and so the gap dropped back to 26 seconds. Then, with 3 laps to go, the leaders extended this lead to over 50 secs with a hard charge and this was the race deciding move.

At the bell, Brock had dropped off the lead and he was hanging in no man’s land between the leaders and the chasing bunch. He was 24 secs behind the leaders with the bunch at a further 1 min 8secs back. With just the length of the finish straight to go, it was Felix who pulled away from Andres with Paul out sprinting Simon for third.

1 Felix English E 1:52:12
2 Anders Christensen Team Cycle Kingdom E @ 0:12
3 Paul Pickup Team Cycle Kingdom 1
4 Simon Brooks  VC St Raphael E
5 Brock Duncumb Rogers Progressive Cycle Coaching 2J  @ 1:16
6 Toby Neave Cannondale Racing E @ 1:31
7 Ashley Holding GB MS Tina 2V
8 Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon 2V
9 Jason Edwards GB MS Tina 1V
10 James Wilson 2
11 Jonathan Lewis Charlotteville CC 2V
12 Ken Prince VC Meudon 2
13 Richard Unwin VC Meudon 2
14 Simon Amborini Wightlink 2
15 Gavin Spiers 2
16 Martin Garratt London Dynamo 2
17 Giorgios Crouch VC Meudon 2
18 David Young Fareham Wheelers 2V
19 Michael Brown Progressive Cycle Coaching 1
20 Nick Allen  VC Meudon 2
21 James Ebdon Wightlink 2
22 Pete Moore Wightlink 3

4th Cats
1 Mark Newnham Worthing Excelsior 4 1:23:00
2 Alan Thew 4V
3 Ryan Visor Redhill CC 4
4 Matthew Butt Brighton Mitre 4
5 Martin Green Bayeux Landscapes 4V
6 Peter Owen Norwood Paragon CC 4V
7 Andy Sayner 4
8 Colin Stevens VC Meudon 4V
9 Harry Veale Portsmouth North End 4
10 Alistair Bunting Private Member 4
11 Roland Hicks VC Meudon 4V
12 Dan Fagg Brighton Mitre 4
13 Dan Mitchell Redhill CC 4
14 Graham Jones New Forest CC 4V
15 David Mitchell Private Member 4
16 Haydn Whitmore Private Member 4V
17 Paul Tilley Crawley Tri Club 4V
18 Steven Wright Southdown Velo 4
19 Gavin Hartley 4
20 Richard Wood Private Member 4
21 Clive Van Hilton Private Member 4
22 Nick Conner 4
23 Warren Hannington 4V
24 George Moon Brighton Mitre 4

1 Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo 3W 1:21:00
2 Lynn Frampton Crawley Tri Club 4W
3 Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre 2W
4 Fiona Blagg Crawley Tri Club 4W
5 Jo Perry San Fairy Ann CC 4W
6 Rachel Przybylski Charlotteville CC 2W
7 Susan Freebury Private Member 4W
8 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon CC 4W
9 Gina McGeever Brighton Mitre 3W
10 Katerina Avramides Brighton Mitre 4W
11 Jenny Brown Crawley Wheelers 4W
12 Geraldine Glowinski VC de Londres 3VW @ 1 lap

3rds – 40 miles
1 Mark Markowski Bayeux Landscapes 3V 01:42:00
2 Darryl Rice  Southdown Velo 3V
3 Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers 3V @ 0:04
4 Ian Jones Bayeux Landscapes 3V @ 0:08
5 Andy Shackel YA @ 0:13
6 Lee Shipley Blazing Saddles 3V
7 Howard Radcliffe 3V
8 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon CC 3
9 Philip Glowinski VC de Londres 3
10 Will Couch West Drayton MBC 3
11 Rob Thathcher Sydenham Wheelers 3
12 Adam White Reading CC 3
13 Dale Bemis VC Meudon 3V
14 Greg Barber Charlotteville CC 3V
15 Morgan Lewis Brighton Mitre 3V
16 Chris Wallis Blazing Saddles 3
17 Jon Harris Cycle Club Basingstoke 3V
18 Marek Siwicki Addiscombe CC 3
19 Dean Corney VC Meudon 3
20 Andy Parle Brighton Mitre 3V
21 Sean McAuliffe  Redhill CC 3
22 Carl Ferri Addiscombe CC 3V
23 Andrew Keynes VC Meudon 3V
24 Martin O’Brien Brighton Mitre 3V
25 Simon Jefferies 3J
26 Duncan Lancaster Behind The Bike Shed 3
27 Paul Gosling Bayeux Landscapes 3V
28 Stephen Looby Kingston Wheelers 3
29 Paul Thatcher Brighton Mitre 3V
30 Mark Warrington Southdown Velo 3V
31 Rod Saxby  Charlotteville CC 3V
32 Andrew O’Connor London Dynamo 3
33 David Youngman AD Cycles RT 3
34 Paul Butler Sydenham Wheelers 3
35 Mark Fitzgerald VC St Raphael 3V
36 Nick Casburn Wyndymilla 3
37 Mike Anderson VC St Raphael 3V
38 Guy Watson 3V
39 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles 3V
40 Steve Ferguson Flanders RT 3V
41 Marek Glowinski VC de Londres 3V
42 Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo 3V
43 Dan Bennett Progressive Cycle Coaching 3

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