Report: Ciclos Uno LVRC ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ Series

The second event in the Ciclos Uno Last of the Summer Wine Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 4 September and there were a total of 59 riders on the start line for the two age related races. The races were run on the lower circuit over 1 hour plus 5 laps for the ABC&D categories 1 hour plus 3 laps for the EF&G categories.

The race for Categories A/B/C/D (40-59yrs) attracted 48 starters and after fifteen minutes of racing a small group of riders broke clear of the main bunch. After forty minutes only two riders Antony Wallis (Private) and LVRC ‘B’ Category National Champion Rob Windsor (ELV) remained clear.

They continued together until just before the hour when Antony Wallis broke clear of Rob Winsor and powered on to take the honours. In the Category E/FG/H (60yrs plus) race there were 11 starters and midway through the race Dick Naylor (San Fairy Ann) and Ollie MacPherson (Dunfermline) broke clear and stayed away until the finish with Dick Naylor outsprinting Ollie MacPherson for first place.


Categories ABC&D Overall
1st    Antony Wallis        LVRC Private Member    A
2nd    Rob Windsor        East London Velo        B
3rd    Malcolm Jeffries    V.C. Elan            A
4th    Nick Faint        Finchley R.T.            B
5th    Craig Stevens        Ciclos Uno            B
6th    Dominic Gabellini    Rapha/Condor            D
7th    Martin Meades    Ciclos Uno            B
8th    Ralph    Keeler        Wheels in Wheels        D
9th    Costa Pierides        Finchley R.T.            C
10th    Livio Nannetti        Eagle R.C.            A
11th    Robin Parker         East Grinstead C.C.        B
12th    Chris Badell        C.C.Luton            B
13th    David Farrow        Eagle R.C.            A
14th    Chris Bulley        Shaftesbury C.C.        A
15th    Julian Cunnington    Condor Cycles            C
16th    Vince Davison        Victoria C.C./Pro Lite        C
17th    Steve Barnsley    Ciclisti Vecchi            D
18th    Mark Allen        Finchley R.T.            A
19th    Martin Ryan        Ford C.C.            B
20th    Doug Thomson    Gateway Cycling        A
21st    Jason Rogers        Gateway Cycling        A
22nd    Ian Watson        Finchley R.T.            A
23rd    Hugh Vivian        Finsbury Park C.C.        B
24th    Dave Dickie        Finchley R.T.            D
25th    Tim Pettit        Essex Roads C.C.        B
26th    Peter Arden        Victoria C.C./Pro Lite        B
27th    Kevin Elderfield    Finchley R.T.            C
28th    Russ Jones        Brixton Cycles        A
29th    Steve Green        Ciclos Uno            B
30th    David Boakes        Chelmer C.C.            C
31st    Philip Courtier        Badabici            B
32nd    Trevor Burke        Finchley R.T.            B
33rd    Mick Bath        API/Metrow            C
34th    Paul Bird        Glendene C.C.            D
35th    Terence Sowa        West Kent R.C.        A
36th    Glen Grant        Eagle R.C.            B
37th    Sean Wright        Shaftesbury C.C.        B
38th    Mark Harris        Braintree Velo C.R.T.        C
39th    Steve Sibley        Inverse Racing        B
40th    Barry Neal        Ciclos Uno            B

Category ‘A’                Category ‘B’
1st    Antony Wallis            1st    Rob Windsor
2nd    Malcolm Jeffries        2nd    Nick Faint
3rd    Livio Nannetti            3rd    Craig Stevens

Category ‘C’                Category ‘D’
1st    Costa Pierides            1st    Dominic Gabellini
2nd    Julian Cunnington        2nd    Ralph Keeler
3rd    Vince Davison            3rd    Steve Barnsley

Categories EF&G Overall
1st    Dick Naylor        San Fairy Ann C.C.        E
2nd    Ollie MacPherson    Dunfermline C.C.         E
3rd    Dave Williams    Kingsnorth Int./Nicosport    E
4th    Roger Hornsby    G.S.Avanti            F
5th    Ed Spurgeon        Colchester Rovers        F
6th    Fred Jefcoate        Victoria C.C.            G
7th    Dave Whybrow    Southend Wheelers        F
8th    Dave Smith        G.S.Avanti            F
9th    Chris Glithero        North Road C.C.        E
10th    Stanley Franklin    Medway Velo            F
11th    Robin Webb        API/Metrow            E

Category ‘E’                    Category ‘F’
1st    Dick Naylor            1st    Roger Hornsby
2nd    Ollie MacPherson        2nd    Ed Spurgeon
3rd    Dave Williams        3rd    Dave Whybrow

Category ‘G’
1st    Fred Jefcoate

The next event in the series will be held on Sunday 11 September starting at 10.00 a.m.
Fred Little – Asst.Organiser

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