Report: Final round of the Brooks Cycles Track League

Report and results for the final round of the track league on 1st September at Newcastle Under Lyme

The final round of this season’s Brooks Cycles sponsored Newcastle Track League took place on Thursday 1st September at the Lyme Valley Velodrome.  The weather had been kind to the League this year with only two meetings lost throughout the 19 events and the final night saw warm and sunny conditions greet the large turnout of riders attending the final event.

The most exciting event of the night was the final 10 mile scratch with over 30 riders contesting this popular event.  After a fast pace was set throughout, Alan Peat – VC St Raphael, sprinted over the line in first place ahead of Adrian Adgar – Balanced Performance, and the ever improving youth A rider Christian Braybrooke – Velocity RT.  The other A Class endurance events saw James Notley – Planet X, win the opening 8 lap scratch from Will Thomas – Velocity RT.  The other two endurance events again saw Alan Peat victorious in the devil and the course de primes.

The A class sprint events saw this year’s champion Barney Swinnerton – Science in Sport, cap off a fine season as he won three events out of the four.  He won the sprint final, the 200m time trial and was a member of the winning team sprint team with Sean Mayer – Lyme RC, and Ryan Watmaugh – Shepherd Cycles.  The other sprint event, the 8 lap scratch was also won by Ryan Watmaugh.

The B class events saw three hotly contested races with Phil Braybrooke – Sport City Velo winning the 8 lap scratch from Jack Fearon – Weaver Valley RC and also the devil from Neil Clarke – VC Nottingham.  Neil Clarke then went on to win the B class points race later in the event.

The youth events saw Joel Partington – Lyme RC, win all four races in the 200m time trial from James Thompson – Liverpool Mercury, the devil, the points race and the scratch race from Tom Rotherham – Sport City Velo.

The freewheelers league saw a good turnout of 22 riders compete over the 12 race programme.  The top points scorers in each group were as follows:

Group 1 – James Duncalf – Lyme RC 8 points
Group 2 – Sam Hall and Lily Bradley 7 points
Group 3 – Joe Barber NTCA 8 points

All freewheelers to note that there will be a special one off final freewheelers event for this season next Thursday 8th September starting at 6.30pm with each group of riders to be given 5 races.  The organisers hope that there will be a great turnout to this finale of what has been a very successful season with 64 riders registered, a massive 30 riders up on last season.


Group 1
Race 1
1st    James Brayford
2nd    Megan Williams – Lyme RC
3rd    James Duncalf – Lyme RC

Race 2
1st    Olivia Braybrooke – Eastlands Velo
2nd    Louis Perry
3rd    Alex Coates

Race 3
1st    James Duncalf
2nd    Megan Williams
3rd    Olivia Braybrooke

Race 4
1st    James Duncalf
2nd    James Brayford
3rd    Alex Coates

Group 2
Race 1
1st    Sam Hall
2nd    Andrew Williams
3rd    Hollie Mulroy – Congleton CC

Race 2
1st    Lily Bradley – Lyme RC
2nd    Hollie Mulroy
3rd    Ambrose Morris – Lyme RC

Race 3
1st    Sam Hall
2nd    Harrison Barber – NTCA
3rd    Ambrose Morris

Race 4
1st    Lily Bradley
2nd    Ambrose Morris
3rd    Hollie Mulroy

Group 3
Race 1
1st    Natasha Sandbach
2nd    Edward Mulroy – Congleton CC
3rd    Evie Davis – Lyme RC

Race 2
1st    Joe Barber – NTCA
2nd    Tom Boyd
3rd    Natasha Sandbach

Race 3
1st    Joe Warrilow
2nd    Tom Boyd
3rd    Joe Barber

Race 4
1st    Tom Boyd
2nd    Sebastian Booth
3rd    Edward Mulroy

A Class Endurance 8 Lap Scratch
1st    James Notley – Planet X
2nd    Will Thomas – Velocity RT
3rd    Paul Watmaugh – Shepherd Cycles

A Class Sprinters 8 Lap Scratch
1st    Ryan Watmaugh – Shepherd Cycles
2nd    Barney Swinnerton – Science in Sport
3rd    Sean Mayer – Lyme RC

Youth 200m Time Trial
1st    Joel Partington – Lyme RC
2nd    Tom Rotherham – Sport City Velo
3rd    James Thompson – Liverpool Mercury

A Class Sprinters 200m TimeTrial
1st    Barney Swinnerton
2nd    Tom Powell – Newcastle RC 2001
3rd    Sean Mayer

B Class 8 Lap Scratch
1st    Phil Braybrooke – Sport City Velo
2nd    Jack Fearon – Weaver Valley RC
3rd    Neil Clarke – VC Nottingham

Youth Devil
1st    Joel Partington
2nd    Tom Rotherham
3rd    James Risk – Weaver Valley RC

A Class Sprinters Team Sprint
1st    Barney Swinnerton
Sean Mayer
Ryan Watmaugh

A Class Endurance Devil
1st    Alan Peat – VC St Raphael
2nd    James Notley
3rd    Will Thomas

B Class Devil
1st    Phil Braybrooke
2nd    Neil Clarke
3rd    Eleanor Richardson – Swinnerton Cycles

Youth Points Race
1st    Joel Partington
2nd    Tom Rotherham
3rd    Alex Braybrooke – Velocity RT

A Class Endurance 8 Lap Course de Primes
1st    Alan Peat
2nd    Will Thomas
3rd    Adrian Adgar – Balanced Performance

B Class Points
1st    Neil Clarke
2nd    Eleanor Richardson
3rd    Mick Stubbs – Newcastle RC 2001

A Class Sprinters Sprint Final
1st    Barney Swinnerton
2nd    Sean Mayer
Minor Final
1st     Ryan Watmaugh

Youth 6 Lap Scratch
1st    Joel Partington
2nd    Tom Rotherham
3rd    James Thompson

10 Mile Scratch
1st    Alan Peat
2nd    Adrian Adgar
3rd    Christian Braybrooke – Velocity RT

1st B Class – Joel Partington

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