Results & Photos: Portsmouth Circuits 16

Pictures from round 16 of the Portsmouth Circuits held at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth

Photos from Antony Edmonds. See more here.

SENIORS~ 3/4/J3/J4
1st    Ed CLEMENS    VC10    40 mins + 3 laps
2nd    Andy  POWELL    Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / specialized    st
3rd    Simon  BEROGNA    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
4th    Declan  HIGGINS    Twickenham CC    st
5th    Dean CONVEY    VC Meudon     st
6th    Dave  DALTON    Fareham Wheelers CC    st
7th    Andy  McKAY    Team Zappi’s    @ 1 lap
8th    Howard  RADCLIFFE    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
9th    Will COUCH    West Drayton Mountain Bike Club    st
10th    Rob  BOLWELL    Wight Mountain    st
11th    Jon  HARRIS    Cycle Club Basingstoke    st
12th    Paul BARNARD    Team Terminator    st
13th    Joe DONOHUE    Fareham Wheelers CC    st
14th    Norman MELLORS    Hantspol CC    st
15th    Adrian  JENKINS    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
16th    Jo HALEY    Southampton RC    st
17th    David  DUFFY    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
18th    Greg BARBER    Charlotteville CC    st
19th    Frazer BROWN    Royal Navy & Royal Marines Cycling Association    st
20th    Simon  JEFFERIES    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
21st    Trevor KING    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
22nd    Andy  LOVELL    A3crg    st
23rd    Mat MACKAY    Unattached    st
24th    James ATHERTON    BC PM – South    st
25th    Simon  WEEKS    BC PM – South    st
26th    Guy ROWSON    Felt Colbornes RT    st
27th    Andy BETTERIDGE    New Forest CC    st
28th    Tim JAY    Somer Valley CC    st
29th    Jeremy O’SULIVAN    Crest CC    st
30th    Dave  FAULKNER    Charlotteville CC    st
31st    Robin OSBORNE    London Dynamo    st
32nd    Andrew McCOMBIE    CC Basingstoke    st
33rd    Chris FLETCHER    Team Axiom    st
36  Starters

YOUTHS U12/10/8
1st    Ryan WHITE    Ist Chard Wheelers
2nd    Sam CLARK    i-team Cyclist’s Club
3rd    Caitlin PETERS    Fareham Wheelers CC
4th    Will COOPER    Unattached
5th    Poppy PATTINSON    Oakwood Racers
5 Starters

SENIORS~ E/1/2/3/J1/J2/J3
1st    Llewellyn KINCH    GWR Team    50 mins + 5 laps
2nd    David  SINCLAIR    GWR Team    st
3rd    Toby NEAVE    Cannondale Racing Team    st
4th    Justin HOY    Felt Colbornes RT     @ 1 lap
5th    George  HARPER    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
6th    Robert McCARTHY    Cycle Kingdom Race Team    st
7th    Harry BULSTRODE    Cannondale Racing Team    st
8th    Simon  BROOKS    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
9th    Phill REYNOLDS    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
10th    Peter  DIBBEN    Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / specialized    st
11th    Ian  LEGG    Felt Colbornes RT    st
12th    Lee SMITH    Felt Colbornes RT     @ 2 laps
13th    Martin  SMITH    Primal Europe/RU Training today    st
14th    Richard  ORAM    Revo Racing    st
15th    Will  STEPHENSON    Bournemouth Arrow CC-Hotel Colingwood    st
16th    Jon CANNINGS    Team Wiggle    st
17th    Henry LATIMER    Zappi’s Cycling Club    st
18th    Max HOLLOWAY    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
19th    Mike SCOTT    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
20th    James COTTY    Cannondale Racing Team    st
21st    Andy  SHACKEL    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
22nd    Mark  OTTAWAY    Wyndamilla / Maxifuel    st
23rd    Jerry LAMBERT    Sotonia CC    st
24th    Howard  MILNER    Velocity Bikes CC    st
25th    Nick  BEALE    Beeline Cycles RT    st
26th    Steve  LEGG    PSUK    st
27th    David  YOUNG    Fareham Wheelers CC    st
28th    Lee  MEAD    VC Meudon     st
29th    Colin PARRY    Wilier/ Lifecare /    st
30th    John HYDE    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
31st    Scott LEAKEY    Somer Valley CC    st
44 Starters

1st    Rob  BOLWELL    Wight Mountain
2nd    George  MOORE    i-team Cyclist’s Club
3rd    Brendan DREWETT    Fareham Wheelers CC
4th    Robert PANTER    Portsmouth North End CC
5th    Jamie HUTCHINSON    i-team Cyclist’s Club
6th    Joe CLARK    i-team Cyclist’s Club
7th    Hazel JOWETT    Chapel Tristars Jun Tri Club
8th    Nathan JOWETT    Chapel Tristars Jun Tri Club
8  Starters