Report: Final Welwyn Track League for 2011

The final meeting of this years Welwyn Track League saw a good number of seniors and youth riders all keen for a good evenings racing and the distribution of the seasons prize money payout at the end of the meeting.

This concluded another successful season at Welwyn track – one of the encouraging signs being the increasing number of youth riders, their enthusiasm and the quality of their racing. Track ‘taster’ days plus track training sessions for a wide age and ability range both help to boost Track League numbers at Welwyn

In the opening 12 lap scratch for the Senior A group Alex Anderson broke away with just over a lap to go and when the chasers eventually set off  Alex was just able to hold on from Simon Lewis and John McClelland.
A small group got way in the 15 lap points race and amassed enough points before being caught to give Lewis Atkins the win from fellow breakaway rider Tom Gallacher.

A new event the 6 lap dash was won by Mark Smith in  a close finish from five other riders
In the Senior B Group Joe Fry was again on good form taking the 12 lap scratch and the 15 lap Points race as a warm up for the following days GHS final.
The 10 mile started off at a leisurely pace with no real break away successes and it was down to the final few laps that a small group opened up a lead – Tony Gibb, Lewis Atkins and Tom Gallacher who led the field home in that order with John McClelland taking the bunch sprint for fourth place

A the Youth groups went into the final meeting James Parrish was 5 points behind series leader Jordan Mooney in the BC group. Parrish won the 4 lap scratch to reduce the lead to 2 points. Next time out in the Block Handicap although Mooney kept a  watch on his rival Parrish won again with Mooney second. Gap now one point.
As they got up for the last race – 4 lap combined ABC handicap – Parrish was still one point down and looked to be out of it as the leading group were well ahead as they went into the last 200 metres. A do or die effort took Parrish to third place with Mooney nowhere to give Parrish a well earned series win in the BC group.
In the CDE group Wheelers riders were in top form with series leader Will Raymond winning the scratch event.  Tom Street
won the 3 and 4 lap handicaps to boost his points total

Overall series results
Senior – Tony Gibb (Metaltek)
Youth AB – Chris Hodges (Welwyn)
Youth BC – James Parrish (Lee Valley)
Youth CDE – Will Raymond (Welwyn)

Final meeting Results
Senior A – 12 lap scratch –  Alex Anderson (Welwyn) Simon Lewis (Team Elite)  John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
15 lap Points – Lewis Atkins  (Orbea) Tom Gallacher (Welwyn) John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
6 lap dash –Mark Smith (Welwyn) Tony Gibb (Metaltek) Simon Lewis (Team elite)
10 mile –  Tony Gibb (Metaltek) Lewis Atkins (Orbea) Tom Gallacher (Welwyn)

Senior B 12 lap scr – Joe Fry, +2nd David Scott and  Ben Smith (all Welwyn)
15 lap Points – Joe Fry , Ollie Plumley, Henry Farrell (all Welwyn)
6 lap dash – Colin Hodges (Welwyn) Ben Smith (Welwyn) Gareth Richards (Arbis)

Youth A
5 lap scratch – Chris Hodges(Welwyn) Luke Morgan (CC Luton) Harry Bellars (Spalding)

Youth B
5 lap scr – James Parrish (Lee Valley) Will Street (Welwyn) Mitchell Powell Chelmer)
6 lap ABC Block Handicap – James Parrish (Lee valley) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Fran Morgans (Lee valley)
4 lap ABC Handicap – Sam Dossett (Welwyn) Connor Woodford (Hillingdon) James Parrish (Lee valley)

Youth C
3lap scr – Will Raymond, Tom Durkin, Tom Street  (all Welwyn)
3 lap H’cap A – Tom Street, Tom Durkin, Will Raymond (all Welwyn)
4 lap H’cap – Tom Street , Will Raymond, Michael Parry (all Welwyn)