Result: The Cornish Series Race 12

Chris Opie wins in the South West at round 12 of the Cornish Series

1. Chris Opie, Pendragon-Le Col
2. James Williams, Primal Europe
3. Scott Tomkinson, Southfork Racing
4. James Smith, Primal Europe
5. Junior Heffernan, Pendragon-Le Co
6. Mark Barlow, Southfork Racing
7. Robert Willcocks, Primal Europe
8. Mark Mullen, Primal Europe
9. Paul Hooper, Ride RT
10. Adam Bright, Revo Racing

1. Lucy Commander, Exeter Wheelers
2. Weibke Rietz, 1st Chard Wheelers
3. Fleur Stoops, Primal Europe
4. Heather Booth, Primal Europe
5. Debbie Hancock, Shred Racing
6. Lyndsey Glazier
7. Gail Aspden, Squadra Donne
8. Rhiannon Smallworth, Primal Europe
9. Sorrelle Le Cornu, Primal Europe

1. Luke Pye, Penzance Wheelers
2. Phil Coad, WR Racing
3. Adrian Clode, Revo Racing
4. Tony Farnell, One and All
5. Sam Whittlesea, Pro Bike Kit
6. Martin Lenney, Mountain Trax
7. Garry James, Penzance Wheelers
8. David Bartlett, Cyclelogic
9. Colin Martin, Mid-Devon CC

4th cat
1. Jeremy Gusterson
2. Jason McGowan, Newquay Velo
3. Darren Stanley, RNRMCA