Report: Ciclos Uno LVRC ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ Series 2011

The third event in the Ciclos Uno Last of the Summer Wine Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 11 September and there were a total of 48 riders on the start line for the two age related races. The races were run on the lower circuit over 1 hour plus 5 laps for the ABC&D categories 1 hour plus 3 laps for the EF&G categories.

The race for Categories A/B/C/D (40-59yrs) attracted 35 starters and after 20 minutes of racing Antony Wallis (Private) broke clear of the main bunch and soon built up a lead of 15 seconds. There were many attempts to pull him back but only one rider Rob Windsor (ELV), the current Category ‘B’ National Champion, managed to bridge the gap. The pair then worked together increasing their lead to over one minute at the finish. Antony Wallis for the second week running was first over the finish line with Rob Windsor again in second place with Ian Watson (Finchley) third.

In the Category E/F/G/H (60yrs plus) race there were 13 starters and halfway through the race the main bunch was reduced to six riders who stayed together until the finish when Chris Gunter (Virgin Active) new to ‘E’ Category racing at Hog Hill outsprinted another newcomer in ‘F’ Category Geoff Wiles (San Fairy Ann) with Terry Devine (Ciclos Uno) in third place.

The next event in the series will be held on Sunday 18 September starting at 10.00 a.m.

A/B/C/D Result of round three of The ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ race held on 11 Sep 2011 at Hog Hill
1st  Antony Wallis   LVRC Private Member   A
2nd  Rob Windsor   East London Velo   B
3rd  Ian Watson   Finchley R.T.    A
4th  Robin Parker   East Grinstead C.C.    B
5th  Martin Meades   Ciclos Uno    B
6th  Graham Galvin   East London Velo   A
7th  Barry Neal   Ciclos Uno    B
8th  Dave Farrow   Eagle R.C.    A
9th  Malcolm Jeffries   V.C. Elan    A
10th  Angelo Christides  Greece     C
11th  Simon Bateman  East London Velo   A
12th  Matt Gallagher   Crest C.C.    A
13th  Hugh Vivian   Finsbury Park C.C.   B
14th  Darren Cainey   East London Velo   A
15th  Peter Arden   Victoria C.C.    B
16th  Andrew Bates   Gemini B.C.    B
17th  Tim Pettit   Essex Roads CC    B
18th  Simon Hewins   Eagle R.C.    C
19th  Ian Goold    Virgin Active R.T.   B
20th  Dave Dickie   Finchley R.T.    D
21st  Steve Wharton   Finchley R.T.    C
22nd  Keith Gill   E H B S (Australia)   D
23rd  Paul Bird   Glendene CC    D
24th  Russell Jones   Brixton Cycles    A
25th  Daren Magona   R.G. Active    A
26th  Cliff Pace   Eagle R.C.    C

1st Antony Wallis LVRC Pvt.
2nd Ian Watson–Finchley RT
3rd Graham Galvin–ELV

1st Rob Windsor–ELV
2nd Robin Parker–East Grinstead
3rd Martin Meades–Ciclos Uno

1st Angelo Christides– Greece
2nd Simon Hewins–Eagle RC
3rd Steve Wharton–Finchley RT

1St Dave Dickie–Finchley RT
2nd Keith Gill–EHBS
3rd Paul Bird–Glendene CC

PRIMES: Antony Wallis, Simon Bateson, Malcolm Jeffries,

E/F/G/H Result of round three of The ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ race held on 11 Sep 2011 at Hog Hill.
1st Chris Gunter    Virgin Active RT    E
2nd Geoff Wiles    San Fairy Ann CC   F
3rd Terry Devine    Ciclos Uno    E
4th Dave Brown    C.C. Luton    E
5th Dick Naylor    San Fairy Ann C.C.   E
6th Ollie MacPherson    Dunfermline C.C.   E
7th Richard Fraczek    Essex Roads C.C.   E
8th Dave Smith    G.S. Avanti    F
9th Dave Whybrow    Southend Wheelers   F
10th Dave Keen    Bishops Stortford C.C.   E
11th Roy Godbeer    Southend Wheelers   H
12th Chas Wilde    Eagle R.C.    H

1st Chris Gunter–Virgin Active RT
2nd Terry Devine–Ciclos Uno
3rd Dave Brown–CC Luton

1st Geoff Wiles–San Fairy Ann CC
2nd Dave Smith–GS Avanti
3rd Dave Whybrow–Southend Whlrs

1st Roy Godbeer–Southend Whlrs
2nd Chaz Wilde–Eagle RC

PRIMES: Dick Naylor, Geoff Wiles, Dave Brown

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